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Internal diversity networks

Swiss Post promotes internal dialogue among like-minded people and across units and hierarchical levels.

With its internal networks, Swiss Post fosters a culture of diversity and promotes dialogue among like-minded people and across units and hierarchical levels. The networks provide information and organize activities and events. The Diversity Advisory Committee supports the activities of the internal diversity networks and advises on their recommendations for action. The Advisory Committee includes the CEO and management staff from different units.


MOVE is the internal network for careers, family and leisure. It is aimed at all men and women committed to achieving a healthy work-life balance. The network offers information and organizes activities and events on the subject, is committed professionally and prepares recommendations for Executive Management.


MOSAICO is committed to living linguistic and cultural diversity at Swiss Post. It enables staff to brush up their oral language skills in pairs on a regular basis, or to converse in various languages at table talks during lunch. Moreover, by means of conscious awareness raising, horizons are widened and openness to other cultures is promoted.


RAINBOW is the internal network to promote acceptance and tolerance. It is open to all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender staff, and all other interested parties. For some staff, it is still not possible to be open and self-confident about being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. It is however important for all staff to be fully accepted. Taboos surrounding homosexual, bisexual and transgender concepts should be overcome at Swiss Post.