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Employment conditions at Swiss Post

A just and generous employer

As the third-largest employer and training company in Switzerland, Swiss Post pursues a socially responsible human resources policy and offers attractive employment conditions. It invests a great deal in individual advanced training for staff and helps its employees to achieve the best-possible work-life balance.

Swiss Post supports its staff by offering individual working models. As an employer, Swiss Post offers flexi-time, part-time and full-time work as well as the possiblity of job sharing or telework where appropriate and requested by its staff. Internal moves are encouraged, for example, in the form of a temporary job change.

We’re creating the ideal working environment for creative ideas, innovative projects and productive tasks. The offices at our headquarters in Berne are tailored to employees’ needs.

Swiss Post invests a great deal in basic and advanced training for its staff, as this is a requirement for both the personal advancement of employees and the successful development of the company. Swiss Post also promotes young talent as extremely important. Future managerial and specialist staff are prepared for their future responsibilities in an appropriate manner.