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Swiss Post is changing

Swiss Post has taken substantial steps in developing the digital maturity level of the organization as a whole. These efforts have now been rewarded: with services at the interface between the physical and digital worlds, the new Swiss Post portal and its commitment to digital transformation, Swiss Post has won the prestigious Swiss Digital Transformation Award for large enterprises.

Swiss Post compiled a set of its activities, in which every unit plays a part, and created its own German-language website on the topic of digital transformation.

For some time now, Swiss Post has been focusing its value propositions and range of products and services more closely on the digital world, giving rise to the new, responsive Swiss Post website: a user-focused site with a clear and consistent design. Its contextualized and relevant information and ease of use contribute to greater customer loyalty.

One of the most important innovations of the new website is the Customer Center, which is now accessible via a central login from every page on the Swiss Post portal and integrates all Swiss Post’s online services.

In April 2016, Swiss Post’s efforts were recognized with the Swiss Digital Transformation Award, a prize awarded to companies and organizations that have made particular progress in terms of digital maturity, enabling them to significantly increase their competitiveness. In its bid to win the competition, Swiss Post created a German-language website on the topic of digital transformation.

In addition, the Swiss Post portal picked up gold in the “Usability” category and also won the “Master of Swiss Web Award” for the best online project of 2015. Among the eleven best Swiss Internet projects, which were nominated for the Master Award from a choice of several hundred submissions, there was even a second project by Swiss Post: The PostLogistics online campaign “Shop oder Flop” (shop or flop), a live test for online shops, picked up gold in the “Online Marketing” category.

And the private customer campaign “The Yellow Tour” was also well received in the “Marketing” and “Digital Branding Campaigns” categories. “The Yellow Tour” took silver in the “Digital Branding Campaigns” category and bronze in “Online Marketing”.