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Swiss Post’s innovation programme

Through its PostVenture programme, Swiss Post specifically seeks out fresh ideas to help drive forward its range of products and services in its strategic business development areas. Swiss Post enters into partnerships with young talent and entrepreneurs who want to capture the market with new business models, and helps these young entrepreneurs to implement interesting projects.

In addition to Swiss Post staff, external individuals and companies were also able to put forward ideas for the 2017 programme. The deadline for the submission of ideas was 24 September 2017. As part of PostVenture17, participants receive support from Swiss Post experts and the ZHAW’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), as well as start-up funding for the development and validation of the most promising business ideas.

PostVenture17 is targeting business ideas in Swiss Post’s existing business areas and potentially new ones. As a diversified Group, Swiss Post operates in the communication, logistics, retail financial and passenger transport markets. All four markets are undergoing constant, rapid change. Customer requirements are changing rapidly too. The 24/7 society and rising mobility are leading to greater demand for solutions that integrate the physical and digital worlds.

Swiss Post focuses on seven strategic business development areas in which it is seeking to enhance its portfolio of products and services – including new business ideas already developed thanks to PostVenture:

  • Cross-channel communication
  • BPO / shared services
  • Digital banking
  • Sales and solutions for the largest business customers
  • Digital trust
  • E-commerce
  • Mobility

In order to identify new business ideas early on and assess their value for Swiss Post, Swiss Post also runs its own start-up screening programme, which is constantly analysing new business ideas and systematically searching for potential partnerships with young entrepreneurs. To this end, Swiss Post works with various external partners.

Sandipan Chakraborty, participant at PostVenture15

Would you participate again? Yes, definitely. This is a great platform to validate / invalidate what works in the industry. I liked most the openness. Being an outsider there was always a chance of getting neglected. But the way PostVenture treated everyone equally and gave an equal opportunity to flourish – is simply not seen anywhere else. Such programs can help Swiss Post stay ahead of the curve and be an innovation leader in the industry.”