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Three special stamps for the Lavaux region

Communication dated 06.09.2011

The Lavaux region adorns new special stamps issued by Swiss Post. This region bordering on Lake Geneva is not only part of the UNESCO World Heritage, but also offers some of the most beautiful panoramas in the country. For this reason, Swiss Post has created three special stamps that together form a panorama of the famous terraced vineyards. Muggestutz the dwarf appears on another of the new stamps. This children's book character has been a favourite of young and old for many years. These stamps and all the others in the current issue are on sale now and are valid for an unlimited period.

The name Lavaux represents Lake Geneva and wine. This region, located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva, is internationally renowned for its typical terraced vineyards. In homage to its grapes, pastures and wine-making villages, the Lavaux region was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007, the highest honour for a cultural masterpiece. Some of the huge structures date back to the 12th century. Since then, walls fifteen kilometres in length divide the slopes in rising terraces, creating an ideal situation for cultivating the famous grapes that grow here.

900 hectares in just a few square centimetres

The breath-taking landscape of the Lavaux region has influenced numerous artists in the past. Writers, painters and film-makers have chosen this exceptional landscape for their work. Bernard Völlmy recently joined the line-up. A citizen of Canton Vaud, this watercolour artist has scaled down almost 900 hectares of Lavaux landscape to the surface area of three stamps. When lined up in a row, the special issue stamps valued at CHF 1 each create the magnificent view from the terraced vineyards over Lake Geneva.

The dwarf Muggestutz - a children's favourite

Legend has it that long ago, the Haslital valley in the Bernese Oberland was a favourite spot for dwarfs. About 15 years ago the artist and author Susanna Schmid-Germann created an image for the dwarf king Muggestutz, thereby launching a success story. Her children's books are best-sellers and two dwarf adventure trails draw excited children to the Haslital. Now Muggestutz has his own CHF 0.85 stamp – wearing his red pointed hat and long white beard, of course.

Handicapped artists

With the title "Handicapped artists", Swiss Post offers a platform for physically or mentally handicapped artists. Four young artists from the Berne region have created a new special issue. One of the motifs is photography, and the three other images involve various painting techniques. All of the motifs were created in the scope of the Pro Infirmis art project "mehrlebenswert – c'estbonlavie" (lifewellworthliving).

Congratulations, a composer and Liechtenstein

Four new congratulations topics are also part of the new issue. The stamps, worth CHF 1 each, depict the topics of weddings, births, birthdays and love. A special stamp in honour of the composer Paul Burkhard as well as a joint issue by Swiss Post and Liechtenstein Post rounds out the issue.