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Spring stamp collection

Communication dated 08.05.2012

Swiss Post is dedicating two special stamps to William Tell to celebrate two anniversaries. 500 years ago, the first Tell plays were performed in Altdorf, and the Tell outdoor theatre in Interlaken will be celebrating its hundredth birthday in 2012. Another special stamp will celebrate the work of artist Ursus Wehrli. Wehrli brings order to chaos and tidies up a stamp for Swiss Post. All the stamps from the current issue are valid as of 9 May 2012.

Swiss Post is bringing out two special stamps in honour of Schiller's literary creation, Swiss national hero William Tell. It is perpetuating a hundred year old tradition of stamps picturing William Tell and little Walter. The first stamp in the series was the work of Swiss artist Albert Welti in 1907. The current issue features a special stamp to commemorate the 500-year anniversary of the Tell plays in Altdorf and another stamp to celebrate the hundredth birthday of the Tell outdoor theatre in Interlaken. Both special stamps have a face value of one franc. 

The art of clean-up and the "visit" theme 

Zurich comedian Ursus Wehrli from the comedy duo "Ursus & Nadeschkin" brings order to the chaos of life. For Swiss Post he tidies up a stamp. His perfectly arranged art is portrayed on a special stamp. Before – after. In addition, Bernese cartoonist Max Spring has illustrated a special stamp for Swiss Post on the "visits" theme. Numerous European postal companies will be launching a stamp interpreting this theme in 2012. 

Swiss blood donor service and a new Stanserhorn train 

A further special stamp pays homage to the Swiss Red Cross blood donation service for its untiring efforts to obtain blood for hospitals. Helping to save lives. A world first from June onwards, on the Stanserhorn: the only two-storey aerial railway in the world with an open top deck. A good enough reason to bring out a special cabriolet-themed stamp. 

Pro Patria – small buildings 

The new Pro Patria surcharge stamps are making a big thing out of small buildings. Since 1996, the foundation has been committed to the preservation and restoration of small buildings in Switzerland. Wherever there are buildings, there are measurements. For 100 years the "Cadastral Surveying" has been keeping a check on plots of land, buildings, courses of water and forest boundaries. As of 9 May 2012, it will be leaving its mark on a special stamp for the first time ever. 

2/2012 stamp issue subjects - valid as of 9 May 2012 

  • "500 years of Tell plays in Altdorf" – special 1.00 franc stamp"100 years of Tell plays in Interlaken" – special 1.00 franc stamp
  • "Ursus Wehrli - tidying up art" – special 1.00 franc stamp
  • "Blood donation" – special 1.00 franc stamp
  • "Europe – visits" – special 1.00 franc stamp
  • "A world first – Stanserhorn cabriolet aerial railway" – special 1.00 franc stamp
  • "Pro Patria – small buildings" – two special stamps worth 0.85 (+0.40) and 1.00 (+ 0.50) francs each
  • "100 years of Cadastral Surveying" – special 1.00 franc stamp

Available from and from Swiss philately and post offices.