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Swiss Post is further developing electronic services

Communication dated 25.10.2013

Swiss Post is continuously developing its services, particularly in the electronic field, focusing on customer orientation and cutting-edge technology. The most recent example: In the ePostOffice online platform recipients will be able to choose whether they want to receive their mail physically in their private letterbox or digitally. An in-house pilot project for this will begin in mid-November. ePostOffice is one of many innovative solutions and services that strengthen and enhance Swiss Post’s traditional core business. With its e-commerce services, digital document solutions and digital identity and signature, it has already positioned itself successfully in the market.

Our customers’ communication behaviour and needs are changing rapidly. Swiss Post has responded to this and is currently developing the ePostOffice electronic platform. Each recipient will be able to use the online platform to determine how they want to receive mail from different senders, choosing between physical delivery to their private letterboxes and electronic delivery either via the online platform or as a secure e-mail to their digital address. For example, they can have their health insurance invoices sent to them electronically while continuing to receive their bank statements in their physical letterboxes. Mail received electronically can be managed and archived digitally, and one day it will be possible to settle any invoices received by means of a simple mouse click. The online platform will be developed to its full potential step by step. It will be launched in mid-November 2013 with an in-house pilot project.

Hybrid solutions expand core business

Secure transportation of information from A to B is one of Swiss Post’s traditional roles. As well as its other services, it has delivered 2.29 billion addressed letters in the last year. The letter and promotional mailing business will continue to be an economic cornerstone of Swiss Post in the future. Since 2006, the core postal business has been supplemented and supported by hybrid solutions. These are services that combine the physical and digital worlds. This includes solutions for printing and sending digitally processed data from major customers or automated integration of secure electronic mailings. Digitization solutions for receiving physical postal consignments are available to business customers. The development of the electronic letter platform expands the range of hybrid postal solutions. This enables Swiss Post to pursue its goal of creating growth opportunities for the future.

Innovative post thanks to digital services

Besides the letters market, Swiss Post also promotes innovations in new electronic services – in all its markets. For example, it is building up its range of e-commerce electronic solutions along the entire value chain. For years, Swiss Post has been one of the leading companies in the field of digital document solutions for business customers. It is contributing further to efficient information flow in the healthcare system with the electronic patient record “vivates”. With IncaMail, Swiss Post has developed a solution for sending e-mails securely, and with SuisseID has laid the foundation for secure identification on the Internet and electronic signing of legally valid contracts. Thanks to PostFinance Ltd’s e-services, customers can easily conduct financial transactions online or even via their smartphones. And PostBus Ltd is the market leader in providing solutions for automatic passenger counting. 60 percent of Postbuses have also been equipped with free WiFi.