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Research partnership established between Swiss Post and ETH Zurich

Communication dated 19.12.2016

Data protection and the safety and reliability of IT systems are key issues for the economy and society as a whole, and, in turn, for Swiss Post. In light of this, Swiss Post has agreed a ten-year research partnership with the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC) at the ETH Zurich. Swiss Post believes this cooperation will be very promising, particularly in the fields of security, machine learning, analytics and robotics.

With this new partnership, Swiss Post is particularly keen to learn more about the relevant digital technologies, and their level of maturity, that it could deploy in developing its core business. This is closely linked to the security, protection and reliable transport of data. Examples of corresponding digital Swiss Post services can be seen in e-government (e-voting, SuisseID), e-health (electronic patient record) and secure communication (e-billing and payment solutions, IncaMail, E-Post Office, various online services, etc.). New digital trends in fields such as security, machine learning, analytics and robotics will lead to further changes in Swiss Post’s core business. Swiss Post hopes that the partnership will enhance its understanding of these fields in order to prepare for the future.

The partnership gives the ZISC direct access to valuable practical experience as well as to the Swiss Post infrastructure. In addition, Swiss Post’s commitment to the partnership will strengthen the operations of the OpenLab at the ZISC. Supported by the ETH Foundation, it is designed to foster interaction between researchers at the ETH and the partners from industry. “As one of Switzerland’s largest IT service providers, Swiss Post is pivotal to both the economy and society as a whole. We are therefore very pleased that we can now count on Swiss Post as a new partner of the ZISC with a view to promoting information security together,” says Lino Guzzella, President of the ETH Zurich.

Since 1995, Swiss Post has worked in cooperation with a number of Swiss universities. These generally include institutions in scientific fields that are of particular interest to Swiss Post, with a view to further developing its core business. The institutions supported by Swiss Post enjoy full research independence and work more closely with Swiss Post solely on a voluntary project basis.

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