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All Swiss Post services available again

Communication dated 03.05.2017

Following today’s network disruption at Swiss Post, all Swiss Post and PostFinance online services are now fully available again. Swiss Post apologizes for the incident, which caused considerable inconvenience to customers of both Swiss Post and PostFinance. According to the information currently in our possession, the cause of the disruption was a misconfiguration in the core network.

Due to a network disruption in the course of the day on Wednesday, many of Swiss Post’s IT systems experienced temporary failure. The problem has since been resolved and all Swiss Post and PostFinance systems are now working normally again.

Configuration error

The cause of the disruption was identified as a misconfiguration of Swiss Post’s core network. The circumstances leading to the error are still being analysed. As a result of the disruption, many internal and external systems were temporarily unavailable or only available to a limited extent, and could not be accessed by customers.

Security guaranteed

Swiss Post sincerely apologizes for the incident and for the considerable inconvenience caused to customers as a result. Data security was however guaranteed at all times, and an internal or external attack on the system can be ruled out.

Maintenance work scheduled

Following the disruption, maintenance work has been scheduled for Wednesday night. This may result in individual services being unavailable for short periods.