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High commitment despite major changes

Communication dated 16.08.2017

The results of the employee survey remain at a high level in 2017. In particular, employees’ motivation levels remain consistently high. Some ratings are slightly lower compared with the previous year, which can be attributed to the internal restructuring processes in particular. Of the roughly 47,000 employees asked, almost 80 percent took part in the employee survey.

Commitment from employees continues to be high, at 81 points. The rating is one point below the previous year's figure. Lower (each by one point) are the figures for “employee satisfaction” (73 points) and “management” (70 points). The decline is even more noticeable in the “strategy” aspect (63 points), with a four point decline. Swiss Post is undergoing fundamental change and is systematically pressing ahead with developing its services and products in a fiercely competitive market. Employees are also feeling the effects of this more challenging market situation and its effects on the Group. Remaining stable at a high level are the figures for “work content” (81 points), “goal orientation” (80 points), “team interaction” (80 points) and “direct line managers” (80 points). The work situation was also rated by employees just as highly as last year, at 76 points overall. Confirmation from employees for the solid rating of the work situation comes from the fact that motivation (86 points) has remained stable at a high level.

Focusing on a transformation

Swiss Post is currently undergoing a major transformation process. Alongside the transformation of the postal network, restructuring projects are also under way in the Finance, Communication and Human Resources management units, as well as in ICT and at PostFinance. The units affected by the changes show the largest decrease in points, especially in the commitment and unit fitness factors.

“I completely understand that changes can lead to certain insecurities and fears. That is exactly why we are supporting our employees in this transformation process so closely”, says Valérie Schelker, Head of Human Resources. Executive Management regularly seeks dialogue with employees, for example, at information and staff events, where the focus is on Swiss Post’s strategy. An internal job platform was also launched to make it easier for affected staff to search for further employment, internally or externally. And in the individual market sectors, various measures are being implemented as part of the strategy, which is also reflected in the results: “I’m especially pleased by the stable high values in the areas of “team interaction” and “direct line managers”. They show that there is a large degree of internal cohesion and that staff are finding support in their teams,” Valérie Schelker notes.

High response rate

In May 2017, Swiss Post surveyed around 47,000 employees in 15 countries, with 79.1 percent responding to the questionnaire. The response rate therefore remained stable at a high level. The measurement model with over 60 questions was used for the ninth time in a row and the poll was carried out by an independent survey company. Results from 60 to 74 points are considered an “average positive” rating, while values between 75 and 84 points are rated “high positive”.

Group results at a glance

Results of the employee survey 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Commitment 81 82 82 82 82 83
- Identification 78 81 81 81 81 81
- Staff turnover 78 80 80 80 80 81
- Motivation 86 86 86 86 86 87
Work situation 1 76 76 76 75 75 75
Unit fitness 2 72 73 73 72 72 72
Employee satisfaction 73 74 75 75 75 75
Customer focus 3 75 - - - - -
Response rate in percent 79.1 79.2 78.1 78.6 77.2 75.2
1 The various factors relevant for rating the work situation include working conditions, workload or ability to contribute to the company and personal responsibility.
2 Unit fitness encompasses the factors strategy, management, information and communication, change and innovation, cooperation and development.
3 Questions were amended; the score is no longer comparable with previous years.


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