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PostBus offers a wide range of services on mobility platform

Communication dated 04.04.2017

The PostBus NordwestMobil App is a route planner that combines private and public transport with sharing services. The app is a pilot project in the greater Basel area, which began in October 2016 and will run until autumn 2017. There are several partner companies in this project, including Uber. The trade unions Unia, SEV and syndicom are critical of this fact. Swiss Post will continue the pilot project, including Uber.

A mobility platform such as NordwestMobil is especially useful if you want to be shown as many different travel options as possible for a given journey from A to B. These could include private transport, public transport, walking, bicycle routes, rental cars, sharing services or taxi services. The transport company Uber, which many people use as an alternative to conventional taxi operators, also has a place in a range of different forms of mobility.

During the testing phase, PostBus is intentionally using a wide range of operative partners and by doing so is endeavouring to meet the comprehensive demands of its customers. NordwestMobil offers open access for all potential partners.

Swiss Post is aware that Uber has drawn criticism from politicians and trade unions and is therefore monitoring the situation closely. Swiss Post adheres to all laws currently in force. As long as there are no legally enforceable bans against Uber, Swiss Post considers the service to be a legal offer and, in light of the current situation, sees no grounds to exclude it during the pilot phase.


Katharina Merkle, PostBus Media Spokesperson, 058 338 57 00,