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Social partners agree on three salary measures

Communication dated 08.06.2017

The negotiation delegations of Post CH Ltd, the trade union syndicom and the staff association transfair have reached an agreement on pay negotiations for 2017 as part of the collective employment contract (CEC).

After lengthy negotiations, the delegations have agreed the following:

  • 0.4 percent of the total salary sum will be set aside for individual salary measures
  • One-off payment of 400 francs (pro rata)
  • Increase in the employer savings contributions for the Swiss Post pension fund by 0.4 percent

Further pay negotiations

The negotiated measures affect the 30,000 or so employees of Post CH Ltd who are covered by the collective employment contract. Furthermore, the salary measures also apply to employees covered by the CEC at PostFinance and for those at PostBus. Similar services apply moreover to employees of the PostBus operator.

Negotiations for Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd, SecurePost Ltd and Swiss Post Solutions Ltd / SwissSign AG will take place from June 2017.


Swiss Post Media Unit, Jacqueline Bühlmann, 058 58 341 37 80 
Head of Communication at syndicom 058 817 18 45
Head of Swiss Post/logistics sector at transfair 079 551 55 51