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Stamps are becoming interactive

Communication dated 01.03.2017

With its first stamp edition of 2017, Swiss Post is creating a bridge between traditional stamps and the digital world. At first glance, the stamps present themselves as usual as artwork in small format, and as witnesses of contemporary events. This will remain the case in the future as well. At the same time, each stamp will also now contain multimedia elements. In this way, the subjects on the stamps come to life, or even interact with the viewer. This is made possible using a smartphone and the Post-App.

Customer needs are changing – as are those of the philatelist. Swiss Post is responding to these trends. Swiss Post stamps have entered the digital world. In the future, the subjects will come to life through multi-media by simply scanning them using the free Post-App. Additional information will be presented in the form of text, image, sound or video. On the other hand, the new stamps can also contain interactive elements, such as surveys or competitions. In addition, the scanned stamps can be ordered directly by smartphone.

The options available for the new generation of stamps will be demonstrated in the new “Animal babies” special stamps: The Berne designer, Simon Hofer, has already made an impression with bear, wolf, lynx and otter on traditional stamps. If you scan the stamp motif, an entertaining video will provide additional facts on the individual animal species – these exciting videos will put a smile on your face.

Anniversaries of historical events and personalities

In its first collection in 2017, Swiss Post is also honouring the anniversaries of historical events and prominent personalities. In the current stamp issue, this includes the Schilthornbahn railway. From the opening of the last segment 50 years ago, to the revolving restaurant on the 2,970 meter high Schilthorn, are milestones in mountain tourism. Two special stamps take you back to these pioneering acts on the Schilthorn. The Swiss Heart Foundation is also celebrating its 50th anniversary. The special stamp will not only appeal to a wide audience, but also to those directly affected, members and authorities.

For over 200 years, the glass blowers of the “Glasi” Hergiswil have been practising their craft. Swiss Post is dedicating a special stamp, embossed with UV gloss paint, to the only remaining glassworks in Switzerland, where glass is still produced by hand. The bicycle is also celebrating its 200th birthday, and Swiss Post has issued two special stamps on this occasion: One stamp shows a Draisine from a bygone era, and the other a modern bicycle.

Someone with a few more years to his credit than the bicycle is Switzerland’s Niklaus von Flüe. He would have been 600 years old in 2017. As a seeker of God, mystic and hermit, he became an important adviser and peace broker for the Confederation. His influence on the history of Switzerland is of paramount importance. Markus Bucher, who grew up in Obwalden, has artfully immortalized one of the most renowned Obwaldner on a 1 franc stamp.

You can find more information about the stamps in the “Focus on stamps” magazine at

Motifs of the 1/2017 stamp issue – available and valid from 2 March 2017

  • Animal babies – Special stamps “Otter” CHF 0.85, “Lynx” CHF 1, “Wolf” CHF 1.50, “Bear” CHF 2
  • 200 years of the bicycle – Special stamps “Draisine” CHF 1, “Modern bicycle” CHF 1
  • 200 years of the Hergiswil glass factory – Special stamp CHF 1
  • 50 Years of the Schilthorn-Piz Gloria – Special stamps: “Cable Car” CHF 1, “Revolving restaurant” CHF 1
  • Niklaus von Flüe 1417–2017 – Special stamp CHF 1
  • 50 years of the Swiss Heart Foundation – Special stamp CHF 1