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University of Fribourg’s Human-IST Research Center signs new partnership agreement with Swiss Post

Communication dated 23.05.2017

A new partnership with Swiss Post will enable the Human-Centered Interaction Science & Technology (Human-IST) Research Center at the University of Fribourg to extend its research activities into the field of new, cutting-edge interactive technologies and to develop a collaborative eco-system to make everyday life easier.

The University of Fribourg’s Human-IST Research Center has conducted leading-edge research into interaction between humans and machines since 2015. This new partnership with Swiss Post will allow the center’s researchers to extend their research activities into soft and cognitive computing, smart homes and smart cities. The goal is to conduct research aimed at developing new, cutting-edge interactive technologies while also taking account of human values and fostering wellbeing in the city and urban mobility etc.

Common challenges

The rapid growth in new technologies is radically changing the interaction between humans and their environment. The task of researchers at the Human-IST Center is to anticipate future developments and assess their impact on people and society in order to create new interactive technologies, while taking account of the role played by humans, as well as sustainable development. Swiss Post faces the same challenges and has decided to support the development of the Human-IST Research Center for an initial four-year period.

A partnership to gear up for the future

Swiss Post has collaborated with various Swiss university institutes for over 20 years. They generally focus on scientific fields of particular interest to the company’s development. New digital trends impacting on interactive technologies – such as the Internet of things – will permanently change Swiss Post’s core business. It therefore has a strong interest in the center’s network and expertise in the design and evaluation of cognitive systems in this highly promising field with a view to increasing its current range of services with new business models. Swiss Post expects this partnership to allow it to obtain in-depth knowledge of this field, enabling it to gear itself up for the future.

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