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Celebrating the anniversary of the postage stamp

Communication dated 01.03.2018

The Swiss postage stamp is celebrating its 175th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Swiss Post is releasing a special stamp in its first stamp issue of 2018. The postage stamp should not be thought of as boringly traditional. As in previous years, the stamps from this issue can be brought to life through an interactive multimedia experience on the Swiss Post App.

The first Swiss stamps, Zurich 4 and Zurich 6, were issued 175 years ago on 1 March 1843. In doing so, Switzerland became the second country in the world after the United Kingdom to introduce a postage prepayment system. This made Switzerland one of the pioneers of this revolutionary idea for postal services.

Today Swiss Post is pleased to present stamps via the Post App, where users can explore stamps – for example the popular forest animal special stamp – in an interactive way. Following in the footsteps of some rare and even endangered animals which have appeared on Swiss stamps in the recent past, four forest animals found throughout the country – the great spotted woodpecker, the red squirrel, the roe deer and the European badger – will be depicted in 2018.

Celebrating the anniversaries of Swiss traditions

Since 1893, the Schynige Platte and Wengernalp Railways have been ensuring visitors can enjoy the splendour of the Bernese Oberland mountains both in summer and winter. Both cogwheel railways are turning 125 and celebrating a combined 250 years of mountain railway history. The special stamps are available in two sheetlets which together resemble a travel diary: lying side by side, they appear to be bound by rings. The background is formed by the unique panoramas of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

A special stamp is also being issued to mark the 100th anniversary of another traditional institution: In 1912, the Confederation commissioned the establishment of the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva). Delayed by the First World War, Suva then became operational in 1918.

This stamp issue is also honouring the Swiss League Against Rheumatism. The «60 years Swiss League Against Rheumatism» stamp addresses the topic of movement, an important component of rheumatism therapy.

Swiss Mountain Aid and its contributions to mountain populations are also receiving recognition from Swiss Post in the form of a special stamp. The special stamp marks the organisation’s 75th anniversary and symbolizes solidarity and bridge-building between cities and mountain regions.

This year’s first stamp issue is rounded off by two motifs celebrating the Swiss Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Switzerland’s collective cultural heritage will take center stage thanks to numerous events throughout the year.

Motifs of the 1/2018 stamp issue – available and valid from 1 March 2018

  • 175 years of Swiss stamps – special stamp with surcharge at 1.00+0.50
  • Animals of the forest – great spotted woodpecker stamp at CHF 0.85, red squirrel stamp at CHF 1.00, roe deer stamp at CHF 1.50, European badger stamp at CHF 2.00
  • 125 years Schynige Platte Railway and Wengernalp Railway: stamps at CHF 1.00
  • 100 years of Suva – stamp at CHF 1.00
  • 60 years Swiss League Against Rheumatism: stamp at CHF 0.85
  • 75 years Swiss Mountain Aid: stamp at CHF 1.00  Cultural heritage 2018 – «prehistoric pot / underwater archaeology» stamp at CHF 0.85, «Sogn Benedetg chapel, Surselva» stamp at CHF 1.00
  • Swiss Olympic 2018: stamp at CHF 1.00

François Furer, Swiss Post Media Spokesman, 058 341 19 47,