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Social partners agree on 1 percent salary increase

Communication dated 20.02.2018

The negotiation delegations of Post CH Ltd, the trade unions syndicom and transfair have reached an agreement on the 2018 salary measures. Around 27,500 Swiss Post staff covered by the collective employment contract (CEC) will benefit from these measures.

Following three rounds of negotiation, the delegations for the year 2018 have agreed on the following salary measures:

  • 1 percent of the salary sum will be used for sustainable salary measures for employees within the salary bracket. A salary increase generally depends on employees’ position within the salary bracket, employee evaluation and personal performance.
  • Employees within the relevant salary bracket will receive a one-off payment of CHF 350 with their April salary payment as a supplement to the 1 percent salary increase. Employees above the relevant salary bracket will receive a one-off payment of CHF 600 as they do not benefit from salary increases. Both one-off payments are calculated pro rata according to level of employment.

The economic circumstances at Post CH Ltd, the job market situation, comparisons with competitor companies, and the trends in living costs serve as the base criteria used in annual salary negotiations between social partners Swiss Post, Syndicom and transfair.

Ratification and further salary negotiations for subsidiaries 

The negotiated measures affect around 27,500 staff at Post CH Ltd who are covered by the Swiss Post collective employment contract. The decision-making committees of Swiss Post, transfair and syndicom must still approve the outcome of the negotiations. These are the Swiss Post Ltd Board of Directors and the relevant bodies at syndicom and transfair.

Negotiations for the staff at PostFinance Ltd, PostBus Ltd, Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd, SecurePost Ltd, Swiss Post Solutions Ltd and PostLogistics Ltd are still in progress.

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