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103 Management Approach

Approach and evaluation of material topics

The section covering the management approach explains in more detail the issues considered material to the company, identifies their impact and assesses how each issue is addressed and promoted.

103-1: Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary

Material topics for the report were determined by using an internal and external stakeholder survey and presented in the relevance matrix for Post CH Ltd and PostBus Ltd (see aspect 102-46).

Material topics which have an impact within Swiss Post’s company boundaries include employment and working conditions, health promotion and workplace safety, diversity and demography, climate and energy, as well as air pollutant and noise emissions with directly generated emissions, economic performance and company value, value distribution, data and information protection, and social contribution and commitment.

For some topics, the extent and influence on the impact are outside Swiss Post’s company boundaries. Important examples of material topics are indirectly generated greenhouse gas, air pollutant and noise emissions, working conditions at suppliers and social contribution and commitment. As far as is possible, improvements to Swiss Post’s sustainability performance with respect to these topics are already being achieved indirectly.

103-2 as well as 103-3: The management approach and its components as well as evaluation

The Corporate Responsibility (CR) department is responsible for coordinating and implementing the Group’s corporate responsibility strategy. It also helps the units to implement all material topics related to sustainability. In cooperation with the Sustainability Technical Committee and specialist groups, it develops, implements and reviews the effectiveness of measures for the CR strategy. Members of management from each business and function unit sit on the Sustainability Technical Committee.

The corporate responsibility strategy was developed in association with internal and external stakeholders and implemented together with the units. In the current strategy period from 2017 to 2020, Swiss Post is placing particular emphasis on the following five areas of action: responsible procurement, climate and energy, employees, circular economy and corporate citizenship.

A broadly-based network of sustainability ambassadors from across the entire company presents, discusses and promotes issues related to corporate responsibility. This is a vibrant community open to all employees, and it enjoys a great deal of popularity. Innovation Management gives all employees the opportunity to submit their personal ideas for improving Swiss Post’s environmental and social efforts.