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Carbon-neutral shipping

“pro clima” – Shipment: good for the climate, good for your image

Do you want to do something for the climate when sending mail? Thanks to the “pro clima” – Shipment option you can, for a few centimes per mail item. Swiss Post invests your contribution in high-value climate protection projects. This is how we offset the unavoidable greenhouse gases created when transporting your mail.

Did you know that as early as 2012 Swiss Post was already sending all domestic letters carbon neutrally without any additional charge to the customer? Help us to protect the climate when sending other mail too. You can, thanks to the “pro clima” – Shipment service. It doesn’t matter whether you are sending parcels, catalogues or small consignments within Switzerland, letters abroad, or using overnight logistics or courier services. Thanks to our very energy-efficient logistics, you pay only a few centimes per mail item for the full carbon offsetting. We invest this money in selected climate protection projects. Because the projects help us to produce fewer greenhouse gases, we contribute to protecting the climate. This is good for you too: thanks to the “pro clima” label on your mail, recipients see at a glance that your mail has been sent in an eco-friendly way.

Are you a business customer?

Find out about our “pro clima” service for business customers and take a stand for climate protection with your customers.