Swiss Post drone transport in the healthcare sector

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Swiss Post has performed pioneering work in drone logistics worldwide. Between 2017 and 2022, it became one of the first companies to use drones to transport lab samples between hospitals and laboratories.

Swiss Post drone logistics
Fast, ecological transport

Film: Drone Inselspital Bern

Thanks to drones, transport is more flexible, more eco-friendly and less dependent on traffic levels compared to road-based couriers. A car journey lasting three quarters of an hour becomes a flight of just a few minutes in the uncongested airspace, which means true added value for customers in the healthcare sector and, by extension, their patients. Healthcare consignments in particular are often urgent, and the speed at which they are delivered can be crucial. Drones are a useful supplement to other means of transport, especially in cases where consignments must be delivered urgently or to places that are difficult to reach.

Positive conclusion

Operations demonstrated that drones are well suited to urgent transportation of special items and that there is a clear interest in the service. However, drones are cost-intensive for Swiss Post and cannot be operated profitably in the medium term. For this reason, Swiss Post will hand over its drone project to Matternet at the end of December 2022. As part of its new strategy, Swiss Post is concentrating on logistics solutions in its core business. Despite this result, Swiss Post sees the conclusion to its multi-year drone operations in a positive light. Ultimately, the company has provided valuable, pioneering work for the entire sector and paved the way for the establishment of drone transportation services in Switzerland.

Technical drone information

Taking to the air to serve the healthcare sector
Where Swiss Post drones are deployed

Discover the completed drone projects operated by Swiss Post and its partners.

A map of Switzerland showing the drone projects of Swiss Post and its partners: Zurich, Bern, Lugano.

Drones in logistics

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Through its drone transport, Swiss Post performed pioneering work for the whole sector.

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