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Swiss Post is at the forefront of drone development and deployment for logistics. It transports special healthcare consignments in cooperation with a range of partners in various regions of Switzerland.

Swiss Post drone logistics
Fast, ecological transport

Film: Drone Inselspital Bern

Together with the drone manufacturer Matternet and partners from the healthcare sector, Swiss Post is using drones to transport laboratory samples. At present, samples are transported by road. But thanks to the use of drones, transporting these samples should become more flexible, more eco-friendly and less dependent on the traffic situation. A car journey lasting 45 minutes becomes a flight of just a few minutes in the uncongested airspace, which means true added value for customers and their patients. This is because healthcare consignments in particular are often urgent and the speed at which they are delivered can be crucial.

However, as 140 million parcels are sent per year, the nationwide use of drones would not be expedient. This means that drones can complement traditional parcel delivery where required in the future, but they will not replace it.

Technical drone information

Taking to the air to serve the healthcare sector
Where Swiss Post drones are deployed

Find out where the elegant white drones have been deployed so far.

A map of Switzerland showing the drone projects of Swiss Post and its partners: Zurich, Bern, Lugano.

Drones in logistics

Looking to the future
Considerable interest from business customers

Taking supplies to villages cut off by a natural disaster, extinguishing fires that are difficult to reach, monitoring sensitive installations such as reservoirs... experts agree that the use of drones will grow considerably in the coming years. As a logistics specialist, Swiss Post wants to make full use of the potential offered by drones in transport solutions, to ensure that society as a whole can benefit. Partnerships in the healthcare sector are the first step towards this goal.

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