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Support issues and damage are a nuisance for customers, making it all the more important that companies deal with such cases in a straightforward manner. Thanks to Video support via smartphone, Swiss Post can offer its business customers the option to carry out a visual assessment or provide support directly via the customer’s smartphone camera. An app is not required for the service.

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The advantages for you

  • Linking of image information and location data
  • Complete accessibility thanks to integrated chat function with simultaneous translation
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and first-call resolution rate
  • Reduction in case processing times and on-site visits
  • No app or software installation required
  • Data protection-compliant solution thanks to active customer consent (opt-in)
  • All servers are located in Switzerland

Here’s how it works

The customer rings customer service or the technician, etc.

The employee sends a link to the customer’s smartphone via SMS, either during the phone call or at an agreed time.

Once the link is opened, an encrypted connection and – following confirmation from the customer – a live camera feed starts.

The employee can appraise the customer’s situation through the camera, provide the customer with guidance or record visual information.

For security reasons, access cannot be reactivated once the connection has ended.

A wide variety of possible uses

Video support via smartphone is a flexible tool that can be used across a number of sectors. It supports insurance providers and suppliers of installation and repair services in their daily order processing and in customer support. Alternatively, it can be used for emergency communication and video consultations in the healthcare sector.

As an insurance provider, you benefit from efficient claims settlement and a lean decision-making process. 

  • Thanks to a visual situation and object assessment without the need for an on-site visit, you can develop your services and policies in a targeted manner.
  • Customer satisfaction increases.
  • You are provided with an easy way to detect fraud and can check previously unprofitable claims cost-effectively. 
  • Further case processing and coordination is vastly simplified thanks to linked image, location and time data.

Thanks to Video support via smartphone, you can provide your customers with a unique support experience and optimize their case handling.

  • Visual technical support during initial installation of devices
  • Intuitive and straightforward reporting of support issues and claims
  • Increase in the first-call resolution rate
  • Drastic reduction in on-site visits
  • Immediate identification of devices or replacement parts
  • Faster exchange of defective components
  • Reduction in faulty installations or orders for additional or replacement parts
  • Localization of customer premises for optimized route planning

The live video transmission simplifies emergency communication, situation assessment and diagnosis when time is an issue. Video support via smartphone enables you to respond to a patient’s concerns immediately and determine the next stages of treatment. You save time and resources when first assessing the situation and are free to focus on other or more serious cases.

Use cases
Success stories

Swiss Post

Reporting damaged consignments

Despite taking the best of care, damage can occur to letters or parcels when sending. This is annoying. Swiss Post is making it even easier for customers to report proof of damage to a consignment – from the convenience of their own home.

Promising technology and solution

Swiss Post provides the Video support via smartphone solution in cooperation with its partner COREVAS GmbH & CO. KG. The solution was originally designed for sharing initial images of an emergency situation and has already been successfully implemented in a number of control rooms in Germany. The two companies worked together to develop the solution, which is suitable for use in a number of sectors in Switzerland. All servers used are located exclusively in Switzerland.


“Visual Incident Inspector” does not require an app or software. Data is communicated solely via the web browser.

Videos can be transmitted from practically all smartphones from all manufacturers. All that matters is that the smartphone has an Internet connection (WiFi or a mobile data subscription) and that an up-to-date operating system is installed. We recommend connecting via one of the usual browsers: Google Chrome (standard for Android), Safari (standard for Apple devices) or Firefox.

Yes. The Internet connection is secured. Furthermore, the procedure is transparent. Both the caller and the employee are shown the same view at all times. “Visual Incident Inspector” runs exclusively on Swiss servers.

No, the image data sent via the camera is not saved.

The connection to the camera is ended immediately after the session and cannot be restored. The smartphone can be accessed only during the session and exclusively via the camera. This means it is not possible to spy on the smartphone either during or after the session. 

No. Each link only works once, and a new one is generated for each connection. A connection can only be established by a member of our staff and still needs to be actively confirmed by a caller.

More information

The Swiss Post early Label

Video support via smartphone is an early product from Swiss Post. The early Label stands for innovations which Swiss Post tests and develops together with its customers.

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