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“My Local Services” is the app for municipalities and local bodies. It allows them to offer residents easy access to information and services in the region. Residents can stay up to date with the latest from the local council and any planned road closures. There is also a reminder function to ensure they never miss a paper collection again.

"My Local Services" will be handed over to Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG on 1 July 2022. Dialog is a municipality software provider and a subsidiary of Swiss.

My Local Services is simple to use

  • Communication with residents

    With “My Local Services”, municipalities and other local bodies such as associations, maintenance depots, tourism organizations or schools can communicate with residents.

  • Access

    Local bodies promptly publish information via their own access to “My Local Services”. Control of communication remains with the municipality thanks to the optional release process.

  • Mobile

    Residents receive information relevant to them via an app on their smartphone.

  • Push messages

    Residents decide themselves whether they wish to receive push messages and from which local bodies.  In the waste collection calendar, they can choose the types of waste (such as rubbish, paper, green waste, etc.) for which they wish to receive notifications.

My Local Services modules

News, information or special announcements are published here.

News and special reports

As a municipality or local body, you can publish the latest news, information or special reports in the “News” module.  

The app users only get information relevant to their place of residence.  

Digital waste collection calendar.

Digital waste collection calendar

The digital waste collection calendar takes into account the community’s local waste collection plans and the place of residence of the app users. They are conveniently reminded by push notification of the waste collection days relevant to them. This saves you having to send chargeable SMS messages as a municipality.

Changes in dates from the regular waste collection calendar can be communicated as special notifications. This prevents the streets being lined with household waste around public holidays. Special notifications differ visually from regular messages.

Messages can be entered here.

Notification system

Using the notification system, app users can send suggestions, submit reports concerning damage to public infrastructure and give positive feedback directly to the municipality. 

The simple system helps municipalities to process notifications efficiently and promotes participation by residents.

A listing of local businesses.


Offer more visibility and a greater penetration rate to local business. The app enables business owners to tailor their services, delivery options and contact information directly to residents in your municipality.

App users can browse through offers in the map and list view and use the contact details to make contact directly with the business of their choice. Thanks to push notifications, app users can stay informed about the latest offers. The filtering function also allows users to gain a rapid overview of services from specific sectors.


This module allows events in the region to be announced.

A basic functionality enables events to be displayed from an individually selectable geographical area. If a relevant event is missing from “My Local Services”, it can be added easily and free of charge.

Event organizers have the option to offer tickets. The ticketing solution is free of charge for event organizers with a maximum ticket price of CHF 75. The tickets are offered via “My Local Services” and can be paid for and obtained via a third-party app. The event information, option to add events independently and free ticketing solution are provided by Eventfrog AG in Olten.

Advantages of the app
For municipalities and local bodies

  • “My Local Services” is a fast and secure information channel for municipalities and other local bodies (associations, businesses, tourism, etc.).
  • With “My Local Services”, the municipality proactively communicates with its residents, increasing transparency towards them.
  • “My Local Services” strengthens community life and promotes networking.
  • Data protection and the security of the access processes are guaranteed at all times. Data will not leave Switzerland and will not be passed on to third parties.
  • Municipalities can choose which modules they wish to offer to their residents.


The prices of the “My Local Services” app are based on the number of inhabitants in the municipality. Invoicing will be done annually in each case.

Pricing examples

All prices excl. VAT

Municipality with 1,000 inhabitants
CHF 3,000.00
Municipality with 8,000 inhabitants
CHF 6,500.00
Municipality with 20,000 inhabitants
CHF 12,500.00

Included services

  • The app modules are available to choose from
  • Initial setup for up to 10 senders (e.g. administration, Roads Inspectorate, fire service, etc.)
  • Training and support package (e-mail support, webinars and monthly user reporting)
  • Promotional package (advertising materials for promoting the app in your municipality)

The prices listed are guide prices and may vary

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My Local Services

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