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News from the local council, information about a planned roadblock or a reminder of the next paper collection – with the "My Local Services" app, municipalities and local bodies provide residents with easy access to selected information and services in the area.  

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Here’s how it works
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With “My Local Services”, municipalities and local bodies such as associations, depots, tourist organizations or schools can communicate with residents.

All bodies have independent access to “My Local Services” and are able to publish information in a timely manner.  Through the optional release process, the control of communication always remains with the municipality.

The residents receive the information via an app on their smartphone.  They will only be shown the information that is relevant to them and their place of residence.

The residents determine themselves whether and from which bodies they wish to receive active notifications. In the waste collection calendar, they can choose which types of waste (such as rubbish, paper, green waste, etc.) they wish to receive notifications about.

The “My Local Services” app at a glance

Municipalities and local bodies can provide the app users with news and up-to-date information via “My Local Services”. All bodies have independent access and are able to publish information in a timely manner.

The municipality decides whether contributions from local bodies are to be published directly or whether it also wants to check the contributions before publication. Through this optional release process, the municipality retains control over its communication.

The app users only get the information that matches their place of residence.

With the digital waste collection calendar, app users are conveniently reminded of waste collection dates via push notifications. This means no more expensive SMS reminders.

The digital waste collection calendar takes into account the community's local waste collection plans and the place of residence of the app users. This means the app users only receive relevant notifications.

Special messages can be placed in the waste collection calendar. These differ visually in the app from ordinary waste collection messages. For example, special messages prevent people from sweeping the street on public holidays.

Via the “My Local Services” app, users can see upcoming events in the region.

A basic functionality enables events to be displayed from an individually selectable geographical area. If a relevant event is not listed in “My Local Services”, it can be added easily and free of charge.

Event organizers have the option to offer tickets. The ticketing solution is free of charge for event organizers with a maximum ticket price of CHF 100. The tickets are offered via My Local Services and can be paid for and obtained via a third-party app. The event information, option to add events independently and free ticketing solution are provided by Ticketfrog AG in Olten.

Using the notification system, app users can send suggestions and claim notifications regarding public infrastructure, as well as positive feedback, directly to the municipality. The very simple system helps municipalities to process notifications efficiently.

For municipalities and local bodies

  • “My Local Services” provides municipalities and local bodies with a secure and fast information channel.
  • With “My Local Services”, the municipality proactively communicates with its residents, increasing transparency towards them.
  • The municipality offers a modern information channel for local bodies such as associations or networks.
  • When publishing articles, communication zones can be created and managed independently. For example, an article can only be distributed in one district, throughout the municipality, or across multiple municipalities.
  • Existing, expensive SMS services can be replaced by My Local Services (for example, waste collection reminders).
  • The “My Local Services” app is developed and operated by Swiss Post. Data protection and the security of the access processes are guaranteed at all times.
  • Similarly, “My Local Services” complies with all legal regulations relating to data handling. Data will not leave Switzerland and will not be passed on to third parties.

Use My Local Services

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Where the app is used 
Currently, the municipalities of Biel/Bienne, Spiez and Pieterlen use “My Local Services” 

These municipalities use the app to send news and useful information from the area directly to residents’ smartphones. In places which are not yet part of “My Local Services", only events can be called up. Download the app now and keep track.

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