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Growth, mobility, environmental protection and new expectations for public spaces: cities and municipalities face major challenges. But how should they be addressed? The best approach is a smart one that is also flexible and sustainable. We actively support cities and municipalities in implementing their ideas and projects.

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We create holistic concepts and provide smart services in logistics, mobility and communication – some of the core components of a smart city. By doing so, we connect Swiss cities, public authorities, citizens and businesses with each other. We always have the goal of simplifying daily life, improving quality of life and reducing the consumption of resources.

We develop our Smart City solutions in projects in which we work alongside our research, business and public sector partners.

Get in touch with us. Together, we’re designing smart concepts for smart, urban cities and municipalities:

Human Smart City Wheel

We’re focusing on the six development areas of the Human Smart City Wheel. Even now, we’re making a contribution towards smart solutions for innovative cities and municipalities.

The six development areas of the Human Smart City Wheel: Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart People.
Source: “Smart City Hub” association

Smart Governance

Citizens and companies increasingly want to use digital channels to interact with public authorities and administrative bodies. For this reason, Smart Governance is at the very top of the agenda for many cities and municipalities. Along with public and municipal services, this also means involving citizens in community structures and enabling their participation in them.

“My Local Services” picks up on this. On the app, municipalities, associations, businesses and other local entities can provide residents with information and regional services – on the smartphone, one of the most-used communication channels.

A woman who votes electronically.

Smart People

The aim of Smart People is to create a sustainable society that integrates everyone. Citizens are involved in the development of municipalities and cities. New digital technologies support decision-making processes and votes.

Swiss Post’s e-voting solution enables cantons to provide electronic participation in votes and elections for eligible voters, in a way that is both simple and independent of the voters’ location.

A bike courier hands over a package.

Smart Mobility

With Smart Mobility, we are working to link various mobility options in a way that is smart and flexible. We are focusing our logistics on managing goods flows. By doing so, we can design entire transport chains in a way that is efficient and environmentally-friendly.

By partnering with notime and online retailers, we are implementing innovative and environmentally-friendly city logistics concepts in same-day and evening delivery throughout Switzerland. The focus is on providing added value to customers and on sustainability.

A fresh loaf of bread shipped to your home.

Smart Living

Citizens want to take care of their daily needs in a way that is simple. We visit all households every day and use this advantage to offer our customers additional services during the visit – over the “last mile”. For example, we can deliver bread from local bakeries fresh out of the oven along with letters – convenient for bread lovers and good for local business. We are continuing to expand our smart services over the “last mile”.

Smart Environment

Resources and goods are valuable. Using them in a sustainable manner is a major aim of a Smart City and also for Swiss Post. Our commitment to the environment and society is wide-ranging: for climate protection we use methods such as renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions from our vehicle fleet and designing energy-efficient buildings and public spaces with smart infrastructure. Our customers can help us too: we send domestic letters and PromoPost promotional mailings carbon neutrally with “pro clima”.

Smart Economy

Sharing and the circular economy, in which materials are reused or repaired, are important components of a “Smart Economy”. We support companies to implement these goals. On our daily rounds, we do not just deliver goods, but also collect them and return them to partner businesses, in order to close the circle.

We run a related service in cooperation with Swisscom. Customers simply leave their old modems in their private letter boxes.We collect them on our usual delivery rounds and deliver them to Swisscom. The simple principle can be efficiently implemented for numerous products and businesses.

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