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To ensure that Swiss Post can continue offering value added in the future, it must constantly evolve. In EspaceLab, which is based at headquarters, employees enjoy the ideal conditions for tackling this very challenge. The space is geared towards customer-oriented work. Professional coaches support interdisciplinary teams in understanding the customer needs of tomorrow and developing appropriate solutions.

The EspaceLab team enjoys discussing projects and working collaboratively.

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The EspaceLab team helps project managers to assemble their “dream team”, which it then provides with methodological and operational support, from initial validations to the growth phase. To this end, it uses existing innovation management tools and, where necessary, formats and tools that have been developed in-house. The aim is to make risks and opportunities systematically transparent and lay the decision-making foundations for later steps.

EspaceLab fosters cross-unit dialogue. Thanks to its “novum” and “InnoSnack” events, it has created formats which facilitate discussion across all units and hierarchical boundaries.

EspaceLab’s goals and aims can be found in the EspaceLab manifesto (PDF, 69 KB).

An event at EspaceLab

Customer experience management

In EspaceLab, we place the end customer at the very heart of our activities, because creating great experiences is the key to long-lasting, profitable customer relations.

Customer experience management (CEM) means designing all customer experiences both consistently and purposefully, regardless of whether this contact is with people or technology.

In EspaceLab, professional CEM coaches provide the project staff with day-to-day support in understanding customers’ different expectations and needs and creating unique customer experiences.


Events are held at EspaceLab on a regular basis, and these are also open to external participants and speakers. You will find an overview of upcoming events on our MeetUp pageTarget not accessible, where you can also register directly.

If you would like to participate in one of the events listed above, make a suggestion, receive feedback from Swiss Post employees at headquarters or ask a question, write to us at


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Our aim for the Swiss Post InnoPodcast is to share knowledge, inspire and motivate. We present people from both inside and outside Swiss Post’s yellow world who act bravely and help shape their company and their environment.

InnoPodcast is available (in German) wherever podcasts can be found.

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