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First PubliBike-Station commences a test run in Lucerne

Combined Mobility

PostBus, the SBB and Rent a Bike company have commenced operation of Switzerland’s first PubliBike-Station at the SBB railway station in Lucerne. PubliBike offers bicycles and E-Bikes for personal use and thereby completes the «last mile » in the transport and mobility chain. Initially, volunteers in the region are starting a test run of the first station in Lucerne, centrally positioned between the SBB train station and KKL. The inhabitants of Lucerne have hence been handed a pioneer role to play, as their feedback is of great value for the future of the PubliBike offer in Switzerland.

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Following a PostBus or train ride, uncomplicated continuation of your journey by bike: precisely this is what the two leading mobility partners, PostAuto Schweiz AG and SBB, together with the Rent a Bike company, have in mind with PubliBike. The offer is, nationwide, a first in uniform system for the personal rent of bicycles and E-Bike by the hour. The first PubliBike-Station in Lucerne commenced with an initial test run yesterday, with 50 volunteers from the region testing operations with 6 bicycles and 2E-Bikes over the next six weeks. Their experiences and feedbacks are valuable for the further development of the Swiss PubliBike network. This autumn several cities will latch on as part of the network, each with an own PubliBike Station at the respective SBB railway stations. 

Uncomplicated Handling 

Use of the PubliBike service is simple. At customers need only to register and can then simply turn up at the station terminal with the issued PubliBike Card. Thanks to the RFID-Badge (Radio Frequency Identification) identification of the card issued takes as little as a second. Underway, the bikes can also be parked and secured by means of integrated lock on the frame. On returning, users simply push the bikes back into the respective brackets. 

For subscription holders (Abonnement) the first half-hour’s rent for a normal bike is free, thereafter the charge is 2 francs per hour. For E-Bikes the hourly charge is4 francs. Non registered users can pay the feewith their credit card directly at the station terminal. For such spontaneous users, the hourly rate for a normal bike is 3 francs and 6 for an E-Bike for periods of at least two hours. 

Ideal Compliment to the Mobility Offer 

The public share of bicycles and E-Bikes for relatively short distances ideally complements the use of private and public transport in urban areas. Bike-Sharing helps alleviate traffic loads and further promotes environmental protection. E-Bikes are recharged with electricity from renewable sources directly at the station terminals. 


Contact: Communication PostBus 
Tel: 058 338 10 05 

Contact: Press Office SBB 
Tel: 051 220 11 11 

Contact: Rent a Bike 
Tel: 041 925 11 70 

Pictures and more information available for download at

PostBus – the Yellow Class. 

PostBus is the most important fine-scale distributor in Switzerland’s public transport system. Underway on a route network of 11 007 kilometres and with 2103 vehicles, PostBus is a leader in passenger transport. And those travelling with various means of transport use combined mobility. Optimal connection links for people travelling on foot, by bike or private transport, opens up the whole potential of public transport and the traffic system. This unites and strengthens the different transport methods. And since PostBus offers additional services, such as carriage of bicycles and luggage, it has thus created ideal conditions through which combined mobility, particularly in the field of leisure, has become a reality. 

SBB – Changing Made Easy. 

SBB has been offering efficient and climate-friendly mobility since almost a hundred years. Today, around 950,000 passengers use the trains daily – and 75% of these trains run on electric or hydropower. The SBB has long and consistently followed the so-called door to door approach and promotes a smooth-running and system-wide road and rail transport chain. Customers should be able to create personal transport and mobility chains in such a way as to benefit from combined strengths. With the launch of PubliBike, the existing product portfolio and first and final mile in transport (P+Rail, Bike & Rail, bike rentals, CarSharing, bicycle carriage and RailTaxi) is ideally complimented. 

Rent a Bike 

Rent a Bike, Switzerland’s largest bike-rental company based in Sursee LU, entered into its twenty-fourth season in 2011. Rent a Bike is a public limited company with seat in Sursee. The company is active with bike-rentals in collaboration with the SBB, various private railways and other public and private enterprises.


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