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Public recognizes Swiss Post's performance

Swiss Post has consistently satisfied customers. In the current 2011 survey, the Group as a whole achieved a high score of 79 points on a scale of 0 to 100. Despite the fact that our customers are becoming increasingly discerning, ongoing improvements to products and services ensure that this high level of satisfaction can be upheld. Post offices and letter delivery were awarded the highest marks. The postal agency ("Swiss Post at partner firm") and the home-delivery service ("Swiss Post on the doorstep") also scored high among respondents.

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The level of satisfaction experienced by Swiss Post's customers has remained very stable for years. The latest survey reveals no major changes. The results for the individual units of Swiss Post have also remained at a high level. The only significant change was reported by PostFinance with regard to its private customers: PostFinance's extensive yet transparent service packages have been well received as satisfaction rose by one point to a possibly record-breaking 86 points. Only the post offices achieved a higher score from private customers for satisfaction, climbing to 87 points. New services such as payment by credit card and the improved information on products and services have left a positive impression on Swiss Post’s ever more discerning customers. Last year's top scores for passenger transport were once again confirmed by customers – both commuters and leisure travellers alike.

Business customers also satisfied

Business customers are very important for Swiss Post as they account for over four-fifths of sales. While their satisfaction remains high, it is not quite on a par with that of private customers – similar to previous scores. PostLogistics and Swiss Post Solutions (Switzerland) each lost one point in the satisfaction stakes, however this downturn is not significant in statistical terms.

Valuable alternatives to post offices

The additional survey carried out every two years on the postal agencies and the home-delivery service – two alternatives to the traditional post office – also produced stable and pleasing results. Private customers once again awarded the post office in the village shop 75 points, while business customers upped their score from 72 to 73 points. This confirms to Swiss Post that customers are very satisfied with the postal agencies. Overall satisfaction with the home-delivery service scored 79 points compared to 78 points in 2009. Some 18,000 private customers and 10,000 business customers throughout Switzerland were surveyed by an external research institute for the purpose of this study.  The results will also be used for the reports submitted to the owner and will be incorporated into the target attainment assessments.

Top marks for postal carriers

The same picture was painted for letter delivery: in a separate survey, customers awarded 90 points out of a possible 100 to Swiss Post for the fifth time in succession. Customers were particularly pleased with the expertise and friendliness of the postal carriers. 13,800 people were surveyed for the recipient customer index (200 per delivery region).

Overview of survey results

Unit/section 2011 2010 Change[1]
Swiss Post Group[2] 79 80 -1
PostMail (business customers) 78 78 0
PostLogistics (business customers) 78 79 -1
PostFinance (business customers) 83 83 0
Swiss Post Solutions (business customers Switzerland) 79 80 -1
Swiss Post International (business customers Switzerland) 72 72 0
Post Offices (SMEs) 81 81 0
Post Offices (private customers) 87 87 0
PostFinance (private customers) 86 85 +1[1]
PostBus (commuters) 75 75 0
PostBus (leisure travellers) 83 83 0
Agencies (SMEs) 73 72[3] +1
Agencies (private customers) 75 75[3] 0
Home-delivery service (private customers) 79 78[3] +1
Letter delivery 91 92 -1

1  Significant change; depends on sample size, variation and difference between values.
2  Swiss Post's customer satisfaction index is not to be compared 1:1 with that of the previous year as it no longer includes the score of the Philately unit (2010 score: 85 points).
3  2009 scores

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