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Self-hire bicycles and eBikes

PostBus is joining forces with SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) and bike hire company "Rent a Bike" to develop a national self-hire bicycle and eBike system. The first hire stations will be erected in the early summer of 2011 at around 20 SBB train stations. The partners are thus taking an important step toward closing the "last mile" in the mobility chain and improving the value of public transport services in Switzerland.

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PostBus, SBB and Switzerland's largest bike hire company Rent a Bike, plan to establish the country's first national bike sharing network at the beginning of the coming summer. In an initial step, the partners will be setting up hire stations for conventional bicycles and electric bikes (e-bikes) at around 20 SBB stations. The bikes will be available to use round the clock at all bike hire stations. Thanks to the national system, customers can access any bike at any location. E-bikes enable cyclists to cover long distances comfortably and with minimum effort. The bikes are charged directly at their stand. As a result, the hire and return process is just as convenient and simple as for conventional bicycles.

Developing combined mobility in Switzerland

Through this new offering, the three partners are making a clear commitment to combined and sustainable mobility. Bike sharing is the ideal addition to short-distance private and public transport, helping to reduce traffic congestion in city centers and encouraging a healthier way of life. The mobility chain is being extended and can be customized accordingly. The project partners are thus sending out a clear signal in favor of sustainable mobility while at the same time facilitating individual travel in urban areas. They plan to market the system to interested cities, tourist destinations and companies.

International role models

At the international level, various cities such as Paris, London, Montreal, Hamburg and Milan have all implemented self-hire bike sharing projects. So far, services like these only exist in isolated cases in Switzerland. There is no uniform access system which would enable users to hire bikes conveniently throughout Switzerland.

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