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Specific price adjustments as of 1 April

Swiss Post has finalized its range of services valid as of 1 April 2011. As announced in December 2010, it will be adjusting its prices for certain loss-making additional services, specific offerings and newspaper distribution. Swiss Post has received the necessary approval for those adjustments, which fall within the scope of responsibility of the Department for the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication (DETEC). Swiss Post has decided not to adjust prices for the return of non-deliverable B Mail business items, however address quality will in future be taken into account when calculating discounts. Prices for the standard letter and parcel offerings will remain unchanged. Recent studies show that Swiss Post thus remains an affordable provider in European comparison. Swiss Post is also one of the international frontrunners in terms of quality. In 2010, its letter and parcel delivery services once again scored very highly in terms of punctuality.

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As announced in December 2010, Swiss Post will be introducing certain adjustments to services and prices as of 1 April 2011 as part of the ongoing revision of its product range. These adjustments are necessary in order to achieve industry-standard results in the individual markets and to allow the Group units to operate on a financially independent basis. The adjustments will affect niche products and specific offerings for business customers. Individual A Mail letters, individual B Mail items and parcels will not be affected. Swiss Post has received the necessary approval from the Department for the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication (DETEC) for the adjustments relating to postal items weighing up to 50 g and newspapers, which benefit from press subsidies.

As of 1 April 2011, "Registered" letters in the private customer segment will thus be subject to a CHF 4 surcharge on top of the regular A Mail price. This means that the same logic will apply to domestic letters as for parcels. For the most popular category of registered letter (up to 100 g), the total price will remain unchanged at CHF 5, while the cost of mailing heavier letters will increase. The price for the "manual processing" additional service for parcels with special dimensions will rise from CHF 3 to CHF 4. Courier, express and bulky goods services will all be subject to adjustments in terms of offerings and prices. The second delivery attempt for the Swiss-Express "Moon" next-day delivery service and the Swiss-Courier "Lightning" courier service will be free of charge in future, and a unit price of CHF 49 will apply to all weight categories in the Swiss-Courier "Lightning" offering.

Adjustments to certain business customer offerings

The B Mail bulk mail offering for business customers will comprise fewer weight categories. Swiss Post is introducing electronic cash on delivery, enabling simpler processing. In future, it will be less expensive to send A Mail items with the "Track & Trace" ("A Mail Plus") mail tracking service and the liability limit will be lowered. DETEC has approved a price of CHF 8 for the dispatch of debt collection documents, recently offered in conjunction with the "Track & Trace" additional service.

Prices for the loss-making newspaper delivery service are also being adjusted. Swiss Post is increasing the delivery prices for newspapers "without press subsidies" by 1-6 centimes per issue, depending on the publication frequency. The delivery rates for newspapers "with press subsidies", which are subject to approval, will be adjusted three months after the officially approved adjustment date in line with inflation and will rise by 0.5%. The publishers were notified of these changes in writing back in August 2009. While these new pricing measures will help reduce the deficit, a huge gap will still remain. Even with the price increases, the rates for newspaper delivery are still low in comparison to other countries.

Free returns, individual discounts

Swiss Post has decided not to introduce the planned charge – based on the "originator pays" principle – for returned B Mail business customer items within Switzerland. It will, however, take into account the address quality of domestic letters when calculating individual discounts. Swiss Post will also be introducing additional fee-based services for the disposal and electronic recording of non-deliverable items.

Excellent quality at affordable prices

Swiss Post's prices still fare extremely well in European comparison. These were the findings of the latest letter and parcel post indices compiled at the University of Fribourg. Of the fifteen most important countries compared, Swiss Post ranks sixth for its counter prices for letters – conceding its previous year’s position by one place owing to the strength of the Swiss franc in particular. Swiss Post's parcel services dropped just one place to third position in 2010, despite an increase in the mailing price for lightweight parcels franked at the counter. Furthermore, service quality remains at a high level. In 2010, Swiss Post's letter and parcel delivery services once again scored very highly in terms of punctuality. 97.2% of A Mail letters and 98.5% of B Mail letters reached their recipients on time. The results were equally impressive for parcel deliveries: 97.7% of all PostPac Priority items and 97.5% of all PostPac Economy items were delivered punctually in 2010. As a result, Swiss Post holds a leading position by international comparison.

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