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Swiss e-business fast-tracked by Post SuisseID

Since launching Post SuisseID back in May 2010, Swiss Post has provided several ten thousand digital identities to around 8,000 customers. The Post SuisseID is available on various data carriers, now includes a range of technical new features and can also be extended online. Thanks to the "Post SuisseID for eGov" edition, Swiss Post has reinforced its position as an innovative provider of e-government and e-business solutions.

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Since its launch in May 2010, SuisseID has proven itself as an innovative Swiss Post service, which is tailored to the needs of customers as to government and public services. This official digital Swiss identity comes into play when companies or individuals who communicate with companies or the authorities online need to identify themselves securely or sign documents electronically using a legally valid signature. When developing products for process chains within the authorities and companies, Swiss Post is focusing increasingly on digital business flows. Its high-quality solutions for secure electronic communication are well established in the application areas of e-government and e-business.

Digital identity of Swiss Post – a successful catalyst

Some 8,000 customers placed orders for several ten thousand Post SuisseIDs in the first year. While private customers purchased just one digital identity each, business customers were ordering up to several thousand. Around 90% of customers chose to receive the Swiss Post digital identity on a USB stick, while fewer ordered the card solution. One fifth of the orders for the stick solution were for the convenient "SwissStick" variety. Swiss Post's internationally exclusive product is a smart USB stick, which combines Post SuisseID with applications such as the secure mailing platform "IncaMail" and which can be used easily as a "Plug & Play" solution.

Further developing the Post SuisseID offering

Swiss Post has continued to develop its digital identity product in line with the customers' needs. Increasing numbers of online public services are using SuisseID to verify the identity of public authority employees, citizens and other customers. More than 450 municipalities, schools and churches already access the administration portals, which are available every day, around the clock. Swiss Post is currently offering Post SuisseID to public authorities and administrations as "Post SuisseID for eGov" for just CHF 59.

SuisseID has a maximum lifespan of three years. Instead of the hitherto time-consuming extension procedure, holders of a valid Post SuisseID can now extend the validity period online by one or three years from the order date, without needing to provide any documentation or having to exchange their SuisseID. This service is available at the special price of CHF 19 and is offered exclusively by Swiss Post on the market.

State-of-the-art technology increases user friendliness

A secure PUK procedure is now on hand to help, should your Post SuisseID be blocked following multiple failed PIN entries at the login stage. Thanks to PUK, you can activate your Post SuisseID for additional login attempts and once again make full use of it. Although this procedure also allows the PIN to be reset. Resetting the PIN, however, will restrict the use of Post SuisseID: it can no longer be used for providing legally valid signatures. PUK is integrated into all Post SuisseIDs issued as of 20 May 2011. Swiss Post will be offering existing users the opportunity to upgrade in June.

Post SuisseID can also be used to set up "single sign-on" access to well-known standard applications such as Google Apps, SAP,, Oracle on demand and other services in Switzerland and around the world. This user-friendly solution uses the SAML 2.0 protocol, which is supported by Post SuisseID's latest technology.


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