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Swiss Post is seeking 750 apprentices for 2012


Next year, Swiss Post will offer apprenticeship training positions for 750 young people. This means the company will be taking on the same number of apprentices as in 2011. The apprentices can expect a varied training course led by professional instructors in the fields of logistics, retail, commercial professions and maintenance. Once they have successfully completed the apprenticeship, the young people will have good prospects on the employment market.

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With its diverse range of apprenticeships, Swiss Post will enable 750 young people to enter the world of work in the coming year. The majority of apprenticeships offered by Swiss Post are in retail and logistics, followed by apprenticeships in commerce and IT. The company is also looking for mediamatics technicians, operation maintenance specialists, automation technicians and truck drivers. As Swiss Post is a conglomerate, there is also a wide choice available within the individual fields. For example, it is possible to undertake a commercial apprenticeship in banking, public transport, services and administration or international forwarding logistics. All training courses are recognized by the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET). 

Variety and responsibility 

The apprentices are assigned to a number of different areas in a rota system and learn to work with customers, team members and line managers. As Swiss Post operates throughout Switzerland, trainees have the opportunity to spend time in another language region during their apprenticeship. Swiss Post gives the retail trainees a considerable amount of responsibility in its eight trainee-run post offices in three language regions: In these post offices, between eight and twelve trainees are responsible for the entire day-to-day business, from customer care and sales through to management of the post office. Two or three experienced advisors are on hand to support the trainees. 

Well prepared for the employment market 

With over 60,000 employees, Swiss Post is one of the biggest employers in Switzerland. It is currently training a total of 2,000 apprentices. This equates to five percent of the overall headcount (based on the number of FTEs). 98 percent of apprenticeships were successfully completed this summer. Nine out of ten trainees who wish to stay at Swiss Post after their apprenticeship are usually offered a position. Those who want to find another employer after completing an apprenticeship at Swiss Post will have good prospects on the employment market.

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