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Swiss Post is supporting a wind power project in New Caledonia

Swiss Post enables letters, parcels and goods to be mailed on a carbon-neutral basis. In 2010, around 70 million items were shipped with a "pro clima" surcharge. Swiss Post is using the surcharges collected to support a wind farm in New Caledonia, enabling it to offset a total of 27,000 tonnes of CO2. This corresponds to the annual CO2 emissions of a community with around 4,500 residents. In an online vote, 46% of participants chose the project in the Pacific Ocean.

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Swiss Post customers wishing to offset the CO2 emissions generated by their mailings can do so by paying a "pro clima" surcharge. Last year, the "pro clima" surcharges paid by our customers amounted to around CHF 350,000. Swiss Post is now investing the full amount in a wind power facility in New Caledonia. The project could not be implemented without additional financing. Swiss Post's commitment means a reduction of 27,000 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere, which corresponds to the annual CO2 emissions of a community with around 4,500 residents. The New Caledonia project received 46% of the vote in an online poll. The other choices were a biomass power plant in India and a waste disposal gas power plant in Turkey.

Clean wind power for New Caledonia

The chosen environmental project is a wind power facility on the main island of New Caledonia. Through the use of six wind farms, coal will no longer be needed as a source of energy. This will reduce emissions of gases which are harmful to the environment, improve the local air quality and make New Caledonia less dependent on imports of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the project is also important for the local population, as it provides 50 jobs and thus lessens the pressure on people to migrate. The specially constructed wind turbines can also survive tropical hurricanes, as they can be dismantled in the event of a typhoon warning. It was thanks to this technology that the wind farms were able to survive the recent typhoon "Yasi" without sustaining damage.

Consistent climate protection strategy

Swiss Post pursues a consistent climate protection strategy: We are reducing our energy consumption as much as possible and replacing energy from non-renewable sources with renewable energies. Customers can offset CO2 emissions from their remaining energy consumption via the "pro clima" offer. When offsetting CO2, Swiss Post only supports environmental projects with the independently monitored "Gold Standard". This highest quality seal ensures that the CO2 reduction projects result in a real reduction in greenhouse gases and promote sustainable development in the countries concerned. To date, no Gold Standard projects have been completed in Switzerland.

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