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Swiss Post prints NZZ and Blick in Cyprus and Malta

During the summer months, Swiss Post is distributing the international editions of Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Blick and SonntagsBlick hot off the press to newsstands and hotels in Cyprus as well as copies of NZZ in Malta. The data are transmitted electronically to local printers where the papers are printed on newsprint and forwarded to sales points. The entire process is handled by Swiss company Export Distribution Services AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Post International Group unit of Swiss Post. The press distribution business model offers publishers such as NZZ Mediengruppe and Ringier an environmentally friendly and customized solution. It can be limited to the holiday season and to quantities of up to 1,000 copies.

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Swiss Post's new business model for distributing printed matter is geared specifically to the requirements of publishing houses which want to adapt the delivery of newspapers during the holiday season and other important periods in line with the demand of a specific destination. Since the beginning of July, the international editions of Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Blick and SonntagsBlickhave been delivered electronically to printers in Cyprus and Malta, where they are printed on newsprint and distributed to newsstands, hotels and shops. As these publishers can print smaller quantities of up to 1,000 copies, readers do not have to forgo their usual daily paper while on holiday.

Digitally printed "look and feel" of a daily paper

The newspapers are printed digitally in four colours on conventional newsprint in Cyprus and Malta and are distributed to hotels, business and newsstands, hot off the press. As a result, the daily papers have the "look and feel" to which readers are accustomed. Newspapers are available on the day of publication. If the papers were to be transported by plane, this would most likely not be possible.

Environmentally friendly and customized

Thanks to the digital transmission of data, delivery by plane is no longer required. This is better for the environment and saves publishers the high carriage charges incurred by international shipments. Moreover, the newspaper publishing houses receive the service from a single source. Swiss company EDS Export Distribution Services AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Post International Group unit of Swiss Post, handles all the processing steps – including transmission of printable PDF files to innovative printers, distribution to holiday destinations and billing – and manages the entire process flexibly on behalf of the publishers.

Seasonal offer from July to October

The international edition of Neue Zürcher Zeitung is initially available in Malta and – after several years – in Cyprus again. It can be purchased on the islands at the regular international retail price of EUR 2.70. An initial print run of 200 NZZ copies a day will be published in Malta and Cyprus. Blick (EUR 2) and SonntagsBlick (EUR 3.60) can be purchased in Cyprus and will start with print runs of 300 (Blick) and 200 (SonntagsBlick) copies per day. The newspapers will be available throughout the holiday season from 1 July to 31 October 2011.

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