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Swiss Post sells first licence for digital letterbox

"Swiss Post Box", which has been offered by Swiss Post since 2009, will be available to customers throughout the UK. From the Isle of Man, it will operate under the name "ePostbox" as of the end of July 2011. As such, the Isle of Man Post Office will be the first licensed partner to market the digital letterbox in the UK. The new version of the digital letterbox uses a reverse hybrid mail solution, which has been developed by Swiss Post Solutions subsidiary SwissSign and Siemens Mobility. This allows an increasing number of customers to receive their mail online via their smartphone, iPad and other end devices.

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As of the end of July 2011, the Isle of Man Post Office will be marketing an electronic letterbox to existing and new customers throughout the UK under the name "ePostbox". This is a reverse hybrid mail solution, which has been developed by Swiss Post subsidiary SwissSign and Siemens Mobility. ePostbox customers can select a correspondence address on the Isle of Man and have their letter mail sent to this address. The letter mail will then be processed in a highly secure scanning centre on the Isle of Man and delivered to customers by e-mail. Incoming mail can thus be processed and managed easily and conveniently, anytime, anywhere. Whether physical or digital, an electronic letterbox offers customers maximum freedom and flexibility.

Swiss Post licensed products in the digital age

The electronic letterbox is one of the ePost products offered by the Swiss Post Group unit Swiss Post Solutions which can be purchased by other national postal companies and alternative providers, and offered as part of their own brand. The Isle of Man Post Office is the first licensee of the Swiss Post Box. Swiss Post is currently in negotiations with other interested parties from Europe, South America and Asia via the Swiss Post Solutions subsidiary, SwissSign.

Swiss Post is a worldwide leader with its range of available ePost product licences. It has access to the latest technical know-how and its innovative prowess means that it is constantly focused on the latest trends and evolving customer needs. The range of products – offered by subsidiary SwissSign – for which other postal companies can acquire licences, includes electronic solutions for secure communication and the hybrid handling of information and processes where both the input and output can take place digitally or physically. In the future, postal companies will play an important role as "trusted third parties" on the Internet. Swiss Post is well equipped to meet the demand for postal e-products with solutions for confidential e-mails, digital proof of identity, legally valid electronic signatures and the electronic letterbox.

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