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Swiss Post successfully completes major project for cantons

As part of the process of harmonizing registers for interested cantons and municipalities, Swiss Post had gathered and edited data on more than a million dwellings and over 2.5 million people over the last four years. Swiss Post undertook this project for the purposes of transferring the national dwelling identification number (EWID) from the National Register of Buildings and Dwellings to the registers of residents. The handover of the consolidated data to the contracting authorities marks the end of the project from Swiss Post's perspective. Once again, Swiss Post has demonstrated its expertise in data management and working in partnership with public authorities.

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In the last four years, Swiss Post has handled a major project commissioned by the cantons and municipalities. The Swiss Post Solutions Group unit wrote to tens of thousands of home owners and property management companies in order to draw up tenant directories on the dwellings under management. After being digitized and processed, the data were checked by computer against the National Register of Buildings and Dwellings and the communal registers of residents, and the dwellings and inhabitants were allocated a logical dwelling number. To complete the data, around 2,000 postal carriers then visited 97,000 buildings containing 711,410 dwellings. In total, data on 442,217 buildings, 1,144 million dwellings and 2,548 million people were processed.

Switch to register-based national census

By providing this service, Swiss Post was helping interested cantons and municipalities who were required to harmonize their registers in accordance with the standards and deadlines set in the Federal Act of 23 June 2006 on the harmonization of the registers of residents and other official population registers. Previously, the entire population had been sent a written survey every ten years for the purposes of the national census. Since 2010, the census has been carried out annually, based on the register. One important and very complex task involved in this transition was the transfer of the national dwelling identification number (EWID) from the National Register of Buildings and Dwellings to the communal and cantonal registers of residents. The EWID is needed in order to assign each person to a household and serves as the basis for the buildings and dwellings statistics as well as the household statistics of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

Easing the burden for larger municipalities

For larger municipalities in particular, with urban residential structures, allocating an EWID presented a challenge. For buildings with several dwellings on each floor, it isn't possible to assign a logical dwelling number without additional information. To support such municipalities, Swiss Post worked with the FSO on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis to develop a comprehensive service offering. Within this framework, Swiss Post was able to handle contracts in nine cantons (AG, BE, BL, BS, GR, LU, VD, VS, ZH). Swiss Post has now handed all the data over to the cantons and municipalities and destroyed the data held within Swiss Post. As with the collection of the data, its destruction was carried out in accordance with the legal data protection requirements. The municipalities will now handle the remainder of the work involved.

Demonstrating expertise

In undertaking this contract, Swiss Post once again demonstrated its expertise in data management and in working in partnership with public authorities. The contract involved handling an extremely complex environment with innumerable interdependencies. After introducing services such as Post SuisseID (digital signature) and IncaMail (secure e-mail), this project provided Swiss Post Solutions with an opportunity to broaden its experience in the sphere of e-government.

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