Press releases

Selective price reductions and increases

As of 1 January 2016, Swiss Post will adapt individual services and prices for private and business customers. Individual items sent abroad via large and maxi-letter/MiniPac International will become up to two francs cheaper. It is making this adjustment in response to the growing demand for small goods shipping. Owing to increased costs in destination countries, the prices for standard letters of up to 20 grams will be increased by 10 centimes. The majority of postal services and prices, including prices for domestic A and B Mail letters of up to 50 grams, as well as domestic parcel prices, will remain unchanged next year.

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Private and business customers will see a change in the international mailing of individual letters as of 1 January 2016. Prices for large and maxi letters/MiniPac International will be lowered by up to two francs for both private and business customers. Swiss Post is making it cheaper to send small goods by letter in response to growing consignment volumes from private customers and business customers. Owing to price increases in destination countries, the price for standard letters abroad will increase by 10 centimes per consignment. The last adjustment was in 2010.

Prices for A and B Mail remain stable

In 2016, prices for A and B letter mail items of up to 50 grams, as well as for domestic parcels, will remain unchanged. The prices for A and B Mail have not increased since 2004. Studies have shown that Swiss Post’s prices for letters and parcels are among the cheapest by international standards.

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