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High scores for Swiss Post as an employer

Swiss Post’s staff awarded it high scores as an employer once again this year. Employees are glad to show their commitment to the company and rate their overall work situation positively, as in past years. In this year’s employee satisfaction survey, around 50,000 Swiss Post staff were asked to assess issues such as their commitment, their work situation and their unit. The response rate of 78 percent for the employee satisfaction survey 2015 was slightly below that of the previous year (2014: 79 percent).

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Employees like working at Swiss Post: their commitment remains just as high as the previous year at 82 out of 100 points. With 76 points, the work situation across the entire Group was rated slightly better than the previous year. (2014: 75). Various factors are relevant for rating the work situation, such as working conditions or involvement and personal responsibility. Staff felt that they were understood and indicated more frequently that they were able to express their views in decision-making processes which were important for their work. Unit fitness also received positive ratings with 73 points. This encompasses the factors strategy, management, information and communication, change and innovation, cooperation, and further development. Staff appreciated the transparent, comprehensible flow of information and were able to adapt to changes in their working environment. Trust in management rose by one point (72; previous year: 71).

Further development and customer focus in the spotlight

Staff rated Swiss Post as an innovative and attractive employer and are generally satisfied with their working conditions. The rating for customer focus remained at a stable high level with 79 points. However, staff also saw potential for improvement here in the development of new products and services. This topic should be advanced more strongly in the future, together with staff.

50,000 staff surveyed

Swiss Post surveyed around 50,000 Group staff members in 16 countries in May 2015. The response rate was high, but at 78 percent, slightly below that of the previous year (79 percent). The results of the employee satisfaction survey also remained similar to the previous year at average to high levels. The same analysis model was used for the seventh time in a row: values from 60 to 74 points are considered an “average positive” rating, while values between 75 and 84 points are rated “high positive”.

Results of the employee satisfaction survey 2015 2014
Commitment 82 82
Identification 81 81
Staff turnover 80 80
Motivation 86 86
Work situation 76 75
Unit fitness[1] 73 72
Customer focus 79 79
Employee satisfaction 75 75

1  Unit fitness includes the factors for strategy, management, innovation/communication, cooperation and development.

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