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Pilot phase for new website begins

In summer, Swiss Post will have a new website. Today, the pilot phase for the website begins. During the pilot phase, which will last until the end of May, selected customers and employees will test Swiss Post’s new website. That way, problems can be detected before the launch and improvements made. The new website has a customer-friendly structure and brings with it a whole range of improvements. The full content of the new website will be available to all customers at the beginning of June.

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The development of the Swiss Post portal, known as WEPP for short, from the German abbreviation, has been a comprehensive and complex undertaking. To accomplish as smooth a migration as possible from the current website to the new Swiss Post website, a few hundred selected customers and Swiss Post employees will be using the new website with effect from today. Their priority will be to test the login process and use the online services. While the content on the various products and services pages is practically complete, the pages will be revised, incorporating input from the labour and procurement markets, as well as different opinions, until the end of May. From 25 March, around 50 participants in the pilot programme will have access to the new website. On 29 April, a further 450 will have access. The findings from the pilot phase will be used to continuously fine-tune the new website.

Swiss Post’s new website offers numerous improvements. Customers will only need to login once for almost all online services and functions. The navigation has been completely overhauled and is now geared towards what customers require most often. Frequently used pages and documents can now be organized in the Customer Center. There, customers will find all the online services available to them. This will make it even easier for customers to find the information and the functions they want. With the new website, Swiss Post is laying the foundations for an improved digital sales and contact channel to its private and business customers. In turn, the new website will make a major contribution to the ongoing development of Swiss Post’s services.

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