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Swiss Post to adjust its post office range

Swiss Post will be testing an adjusted range of products and services in 20 selected post offices from April 2015. The test results will be used as a basis to definitively adjust the range of third-party products throughout Switzerland towards the end of 2015.

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As part of its network strategy development, Swiss Post aims to achieve a clear and differentiated positioning in the market with its post office range. This should also boost the acceptance levels of third-party products. With this in mind, Swiss Post is launching a pilot project in 20 selected post offices with an adjusted range of products and services that relate to Swiss Post. The trial has begun on 7 April 2015 and will last until the end of summer. The results of the pilot project will then be assessed. Swiss Post will then make a decision on the new positioning and adapt the range throughout Switzerland accordingly. Swiss Post will continue to hold on to the third-party product business in future, as it has a positive impact on the work of the post offices and their staff. These measures will not affect the post office staff in any way.

Several third-party products to be discontinued

Services such as public services, insurance or products and services from the telecommunications sector will form the core of the adjusted range. Swiss Post-related and established products, such as books, stationery or gift cards, will be retained in the range. On the other hand, many products that do not closely relate to Swiss Post will be removed from the range. These include many products from the home electronics, toys, car and household range.

Table: The 20 post offices in the pilot project

Post office Range to be adjusted on
Geneva 4 Plainpalais 7 April 2015
Zurich 49 Höngg 7 April 2015
Basel 2 Acceptance 8 April 2015
Gland 8 April 2015
Bad Ragaz 9 April 2015
Glatt shopping centre near Wallisellen 9 April 2015
Baden 1 10 April 2015
Schaffhausen 1 14 April 2015
Sion 1 14 April 2015
Kriens 1 15 April 2015
Lausanne 1 Depot 16 April 2015
Burgdorf 1 16 April 2015
Lausanne 2 St-François 21 April 2015
Basel 5 St. Clara 21 April 2015
Kloten 22 April 2015
Meyrin 1 22 April 2015
Davos Platz 1 23 April 2015
Porrentruy 1 23 April 2015
Aarau 1 24 April 2015
Münchenbuchsee 24 April 2015

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