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Swiss Post to install parcel terminals at SBB railway stations

In a strategic partnership, Swiss Post and SBB will be setting up My Post 24 terminals at numerous SBB railway stations. Rail passengers and commuters will therefore be able to collect and hand in parcels in prime locations. The first of these parcel terminals will go into operation on 4 June at Zurich Central Station. The partnership’s aim is to increase convenience for customers by enabling them to do their parcel business on their way to work or combine it with some shopping at the station. In the medium term, My Post 24 terminals are planned at 40 to 50 railway stations throughout Switzerland. In the process, the partners are laying the foundation for the “Click and Collect” project which SBB, Migros Zurich and Swiss Post are launching together in autumn.

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Swiss Post and SBB are teaming up to offer My Post 24 terminals at  numerous railway stations. Customers can hand in and receive parcels at these terminals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SBB has first-class, highly frequented locations, with 1.2 million passengers passing through its stations daily throughout Switzerland. With this partnership, two of the largest Swiss companies will increase convenience for their customers. In future, customers will be able to do their parcel business on their way to work or combine it with doing some shopping at the station. Swiss Post will put into operation the first My Post 24 terminal in partnership with SBB under the main hall of Zurich Central Station (near the lockers) on 4 June 2015.

My Post 24 is an important part of the “Click and Collect” project, which SBB, Migros Zurich and Swiss Post will be launching together in autumn 2015 in a pilot project at Zurich Central Station. With this project, purchases that are ordered online will be delivered to the My Post 24 terminals within 30 minutes where they can be conveniently collected.

Nationwide My Post 24 network

My Post 24 terminals are planned at a further five to ten stations by spring 2016. SBB stations are part of the nationwide My Post 24 network currently being set up by Swiss Post. At present, there are 35 terminals across the country. The use of My Post 24 is free. The only charge is the parcel price. All that is required to use the service is for customers to make a free, one-off registration for Swiss Post’s online services.

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