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Debit card terminals are on their way

Swiss Post is currently phasing in new payment terminals at its post offices. This fulfils a long-standing request from customers to be able to pay for Swiss Post products at the counter with debit cards from other banks as well. More than 1,400 post offices will change over to the new devices by the end of November 2016. The TWINT mobile payment solution has already been installed at approximately 3000 counters.

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By the end of November 2016, Swiss Post will introduce the Maestro and V PAY cards at more than 1,400 post offices nationwide as an additional payment method for postal services (letters and parcels) and third-party products (e.g. mobile phone accessories or travel insurance). Modifying approximately 5,000 payment terminals is costly and will take some time to complete. The solution was developed by Swiss Post in exchange with OFCOM. It is both technically as well as economically feasible for Swiss Post and complies with the applicable legal and regulatory frameworks.

Old devices will be replaced gradually

To accept the new debit cards, the payment terminals in current use will have to be technically modified or replaced. The nationwide introduction of the new devices at the counters and the accompanying new service will take place gradually to ensure the changeover is as cost-efficient and sustainable as possible.

V PAY – Visa’s debit card – will be introduced simultaneously with the Maestro card as a payment method for postal services and third-party products at traditional post offices. In the area of mobile payments, Swiss Post is currently focussing on TWINT, the solution by PostFinance’s subsidiary of the same name. Since April 2016, payments using TWINT can be made at almost 3,000 counters.

Inpayments in cash or with the PostFinance Card

At traditional post offices the processing of payment transactions is possible with a PostFinance Card or in cash, but not with debit or credit cards, since payment transactions are subject to specific regulatory requirements, unlike usual postal sale transactions.

Payment transactions by Maestro card are possible at postal agencies, since cash inpayments are not available for security reasons. By the end of November 2016, the V PAY card will also be accepted at postal agencies.

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