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Customers give Swiss Post very good scores

According to the latest results of the annual customer satisfaction survey: approximately 23,000 private and business customers surveyed are very satisfied with Swiss Post. Group-wide overall satisfaction achieved 83 out of a possible 100 points. For the eleventh time in a row, delivery quality was also given a very good score of 91 points.

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Swiss Post’s Group-wide overall satisfaction totalled 83 out of a possible 100 points. Approximately 15,000 private customers surveyed rated Swiss Post’s units very positively, with scores ranging from 74 to 88 points. They were especially positive about the high degree of reliability of over-the-counter services, and the friendly, professional and supportive advice. Private customers see the most potential for improvement at Swiss Post when it comes to value for money. The highest satisfaction score was obtained by the PostalNetwork unit, with 88 points. PostFinance’s private customers remain very satisfied, with an unchanged score of 80 points. They particularly appreciate digital services such as e-finance and the app. PostBus received the same score of 74 points as last year from commuters. Leisure travellers gave very positive feedback on services.

Approximately 8,000 business customers surveyed were slightly more critical of the Swiss Post Group units than the previous year, with scores of between 76 and 85 points. The highest mark awarded by business customers, 85 points, went to Swiss Post Solutions. Business customers’ overall satisfaction with PostFinance decreased slightly.

Wide acceptance of the “branch with partner” agency format

This year, 1,900 private customers and 1,360 business customers also answered a separate survey on the postal services “branch with partner” and “home delivery service”. The “branch with partner” service received 75 points for overall satisfaction. The customer-friendly opening times were particularly appreciated. Customers also described themselves as “satisfied” to “very satisfied” with accessibility, the execution of services and the care taken handling postal items. The home delivery service also obtained a high score of 78 points in terms of overall satisfaction.

The same high delivery quality

As part of a separate survey, Swiss Post also put questions on delivery quality to around 2,400 private recipient customers throughout Switzerland. Customers were asked for their views on correct, complete and undamaged deliveries, the conduct and appearance of delivery staff, and the management of P.O. Box facilities. Delivery quality achieved a very good score of 91 points again this year. This is the eleventh time in a row that the score has exceeded 90 points.

Customer satisfaction surveys conducted for nearly 20 years

To obtain a Group-wide and representative picture of customer satisfaction, Swiss Post has had annual surveys of around 23,000 private and business customers conducted by an independent research institute for the past 19 years. The information collected includes customer views both on satisfaction with Swiss Post in general and on specific topics such as the range of products and services, customer contact, advice, prices, problem solving and communication. The annual survey allows Swiss Post to obtain feedback from customers on the quality of its services and to improve continually. The results are used as the basis for defining measures to place an even greater focus on customer requirements in the future.

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Results at a glance

The surveys were divided into three categories: “very satisfied” for values equal to and above 80 points, “satisfied” for values between 65 and 79 points, and “dissatisfied” for values below 65 points.

Customer satisfaction 2017 2016 Change
Swiss Post Group[1] 83 83 0
PostMail, business customers 79 80 -1
PostLogistics, business customers 77 78 -1
PostFinance, business customers 76 78 -2
Swiss Post Solutions, business customers – Switzerland 85 85 0
PostMail Mail International, business customers – Switzerland 77 79 -2
PostalNetwork, business customers 84 83 +1
PostFinance, private customers 80 80 0
PostalNetwork, private customers 88 86 +2
PostBus, commuters 74 74 0
PostBus, leisure travellers 83 81 +2

1 Overall satisfaction

Recipient customer index 2017 2016 Change
Overall delivery quality (recipient customer index) 91 91 0
"Branch with partner” and “home delivery service” survey 2017 2016[2] Change
“Branch with partner” overall: how satisfied are you on the whole with the “Branch with partner” service? 75 - -
“Home delivery service” overall: how satisfied are you on the whole with the “home delivery service”? 78 - -

2 The “branch with partner” and “home delivery service” survey was conducted separately for the first time this year.

Jacqueline Bühlmann, Swiss Post Media Unit, 058 341 37 80,

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