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New stamps connect physical and digital worlds

In its third stamp issue of the year, Swiss Post is building further bridges between the physical and digital worlds. It is hard to imagine SMS and WhatsApp messages without the little pictures and figures known as emojis. In this issue Swiss Post brings them to a stamp with its Emoji special stamp. And it even turns the tables with its Selfie stamp as digital goes analogue.

When it comes to the adaptability of stamps, the sky’s the limit. Since the end of 2016, anyone interested in what’s behind the individual Swiss Post stamp motifs has been able to scan them using the Post-App and, as it were, bring them to life. In the third issue of the year, Swiss Post has once again proved that the digital and physical stamp worlds are moving closer to one another.

Emojis take over a stamp

Modern communication is barely conceivable without emojis: the little symbols allow us to express our feelings in a visual way. In today’s digital world there are a whole host of emojis. For example, Apple, Google and Facebook all have their own selection which only vary slightly from each other. Swiss Post is now bringing emojis to a stamp – and creating another link between the digital and physical worlds. The laughing smiley with the sunglasses is on the A Mail stamp while the most frequently used emojis are featured on the B Mail stamp.

A selfie with a stamp

How can we transfer typical content from the digital world onto a stamp format? Students from Zurich University of the Arts and Swiss Post examined this question in a collaborative project entitled “Letter vs. e-mail”. Amongst the numerous design ideas, the selfie stamp by the young designer, Nicole Jara Nizcardo, ultimately came out on top. This extraordinary A Mail stamp is coated with a silver film on which the viewer’s reflection appears. The sheet of stamps with 20 selfie stamps is also presented in the shape of a tablet, creating the perfect example of the symbiosis between digital and analogue reality.

The third stamp issue is rounded off by two special stamps commemorating 500 years of the Berne Cathedral vaulted ceiling, three special stamps on the “Postcrossing” phenomenon and the second “Swiss railway stations” set of definitive stamps. On the four new stamps you can see the Appenzell, Zug, Interlaken Ost and Scuol-Tarasp railway stations. Swiss Post is serving up a special treat on the “Quince scent” miniature sheet. The two-franc stamps on the limited miniature sheet feature the sensuous fragrance of the quince, Switzerland’s Fruit of the Year 2017. And the miniature sheets “150 years of Tübli letters” and “Creux du Van” will also get philately enthusiasts’ hearts racing. The miniature sheets are exclusively available at stamp counters and on

You can find more information about the stamps in the “Focus on stamps” magazine at

Motifs of the 3/2017 stamp issue – available and valid from 7 September 2017

  • Emoji – special stamps “Group” at CHF 0.85, “Sunglasses” at CHF 1.00
  • Letter vs. e-mail – special stamp “Selfie” at CHF 1.00
  • 500 years Berne Cathedral vaulted ceiling – special stamps “Coats of arms” at CHF 1.00, “Statue” at CHF 1.00
  • Postcrossing – special stamps “Alphorn player” at CHF 2.00, “Cow” at CHF 1.50, “Costumes group” at CHF 1.00
  • Creux du Van – miniature sheet with stamps at CHF 1.00 each
  • 150 years of Tübli letters – miniature sheet with stamps at CHF 0.85 each
  • Quince scent – miniature sheet with stamps at CHF 2.00 each
  • Swiss railway stations – definitive stamps “Appenzell” at CHF 1.10, “Zug” at CHF 1.30, “Interlaken East” at CHF 1.40, “Scuol-Tarasp” at CHF 1.80


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