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Spital Thurgau opts for Swiss Post

Spital Thurgau AG has chosen Swiss Post’s solution for the implementation of its e-health platform. Following on from Geneva, Vaud, Graubünden and Aargau, Spital Thurgau is now also opting for Swiss Post’s tried-and-tested e-health solution, which includes features such as secure data exchange and patient transfer.

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Swiss Post and Spital Thurgau are set to implement an e-health platform together. The Swiss Post solution was chosen following an evaluation process. The platform will be used for secure electronic data exchange between Spital Thurgau and its business partners. The initial phase will enable the exchange of image data (e.g. X-rays), order handling (e.g. laboratory orders) and transfers between service providers. The platform will be expanded at a later date to include other functions such as the electronic patient record in accordance with the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record.

Spital Thurgau

Spital Thurgau is a large, broad-based hospital group that enjoys widespread recognition. It provides extended healthcare for the population of the Canton of Thurgau and its surrounding areas, offering a complete range of high quality outpatient and inpatient services. Truly integrated, multidisciplinary and well coordinated care is ensured by combining into a single entity the Frauenfeld and Münsterlingen cantonal hospitals (for acute care and emergency medicine), Psychiatrische Dienste Thurgau and the St. Katharinental rehabilitation clinic. Spital Thurgau has been a pioneer institution in the Swiss healthcare sector for many years, from both a medical and organizational perspective.

Post E-Health already up and running in several cantons

Swiss Post has spent many years working with leading technology partners to develop secure digital solutions for the modern healthcare sector. Through its modular e-health platform, Swiss Post connects healthcare professionals involved in treating patients, and allows them to securely exchange electronic patient and treatment data. With Swiss Post’s e-health solutions, healthcare professionals can access and exchange patient records quickly and simply. The relevant data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, contributing to simplifying cooperation between healthcare professionals and enhancing patient safety. At the same time, the e-health platform’s individual modules make the processes in the course of treatment safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. Several cantons and more than 100 institutions have already successfully implemented Swiss Post’s e-health service. Swiss Post’s e-health solution is currently the only one on the market that already meets all of the requirements defined in the Confederation’s eHealth strategy and complies with international standards.

Media Unit Post: Jacqueline Bühlmann, 058 341 37 80,
Spital Thurgau AG: Dr. Christian Schatzmann, CIO, 052 723 78 55,

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