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Swiss Post e-voting certified for 50 percent of voters

Swiss Post’s e-voting service is the first in Switzerland to be certified for use for up to 50 percent of voters. This means that for the first time, those cantons using the Swiss Post solution will be able to make the electronic election and voting channel available to up to half of their voters. The Canton of Thurgau has now also opted to use the Swiss Post solution.

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Until now, the solutions approved in Switzerland were authorized for only 30 percent of the electorate. To allow a greater number of voters to cast their vote electronically, the requirements of the Federal Chancellery for an e-voting solution are more stringent. For this reason, the Swiss Post solution was examined in great detail by external certification bodies with respect to the protocol, software, infrastructure and processes used in operation. The result: Swiss Post’s e-voting system meets these more stringent security and verifiability requirements, and can therefore be used for up to 50 percent of voters.

In addition to certification, initial authorization from the Federal Council for each canton is required for the actual usage of the e-voting system. This initial authorization is issued for a limited period of time in each case.

Milestone reached

For the electronic election and voting channel to now gain approval for up to 50 percent of voters is a first in Switzerland. It gives Swiss cantons and voters the highest security level ever used since the first steps towards e-voting were taken 15 years ago.

Swiss Post is continuing to develop its solution in order to fulfil the requirements for initial authorization for 100 percent of voters by 2018. By 2019, the Confederation wants to see e voting offered by a majority of cantons as a third voting channel alongside voting in person and postal voting.

Thurgau becomes the fourth canton to opt for the Swiss Post system

Swiss Post’s e-voting system is currently used by the cantons of Neuchâtel and Fribourg. The Canton of Basel-Stadt has also decided to use the Swiss Post solution. At the beginning of July, Thurgau became the fourth canton to announce that it had chosen Swiss Post as its supplier, following a public tender. The Canton of Thurgau plans to offer e-voting initially to Swiss voters resident abroad and, in the second phase, to residents of a small number of pilot municipalities as well.


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