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Swiss Post is planning to use drones for the Ticino hospital group in Lugano

Swiss Post, the EOC hospital group in the canton of Ticino and drone manufacturer Matternet are implementing the commercial use of drone logistics in which modern delivery drones will regularly carry lab samples between two hospitals in Lugano. From mid-March 2017, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) will be inspecting the drones and the first test flights will take place. As soon as the relevant approvals have been obtained, the three partners will be presenting the project in detail at a media event.

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Swiss Post first tested the use of drones in logistics together with Matternet in the summer of 2015. Swiss Post is now going one step further and starting a test phase for the first commercial use with the EOC (Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale) hospital group in the canton of Ticino. The use of drones will ensure the exchange of lab samples with regular flights between the two EOC hospitals in Lugano – the “Ospedale Italiano” and the “Ospedale Civico”. This will ensure that samples will be transported more quickly and efficiently in future.

Safety tests and approval from the authorities

Swiss Post believes that the drones could be in regular use between the two hospitals from 2018. Until then, the drones must prove that they meet strict safety, practicality and reliability requirements. In the coming weeks, the drones and their safety components will be inspected by FOCA. The first test flights will also be taking place in Lugano (if the weather is conducive to safe flying). A modern delivery drone manufactured by Matternet will be used. As soon as the relevant approvals have been obtained, the partners involved will officially present the project and drones at a media event in Lugano.


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