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Swiss Post launches e-voting public demo version

For the first time, Swiss Post is offering all of the voting public the option to become familiar with e-voting at home in a fictitious vote using a public demo system. The system is now available. At the end of January, the Canton of Basel-Stadt became the third canton to decide to use the Swiss Post e-voting solution. Basel-Stadt wants to be able to offer e voting to up to 50 percent of its voting public by 2018.

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Swiss Post is providing a demo system for the public. Interested parties can try out the e-voting process from A to Z in a fictitious vote. It is very easy to use: First the visitor must download a virtual, digital voting card. For the demo, this replaces the physical voting card, which is delivered by mail when there is polling. Then the demo system will lead the user through the few steps to complete the fictitious vote. The underlying system is exactly like the real e-voting solution.

Acceptance in Basel

Basel-Stadt will be the third canton to use the Swiss Post e-voting system in the future. The Swiss Post solution fulfils all of the required criteria and guarantees adherence to the Federal security standards. It is expected that by March 2018, up to 50 percent of the Basel voting public will be able to vote online. To make this possible, the Swiss Post e-voting solution must fulfil even stricter requirements than the previous solutions, which were approved for 30 percent of the voting public. The Swiss Post solution will be able to expand seamlessly, so that by 2019 all the Basel voting public will be able to use it. This requires an expansion of certification as well as implementation of universal verification. With this function, the canton authorities can always check during polling whether the ballot box has been manipulated and whether all of the stored votes were cast correctly. This must be done, of course, without opening the electronic ballot box or being able to trace votes back to the voters.

Successful start

More than 5,000 Swiss citizens living abroad and registered in the Canton of Fribourg were able to cast their votes online during the votes on 27 November 2016 and 12 February 2017. The Canton of Neuchâtel used the Swiss Post system for the first time during voting on 12 February for 32,000 registered voters. Both cantons will use the system for all confederate voting in 2017.

Transparency and security are central

Swiss Post is convinced that only transparent e-voting solutions can be successful in the long run. Therefore, Swiss Post has published documentation on its e-voting process and the IT security measures. This is how it ensures that experts can assess the quality of the system. Swiss Post is also working with universities to review the system from a neutral scientific perspective.

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