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Swiss Post transfers mail handling to Swissport

Swiss Post is withdrawing from its mail handling business at Zurich Airport and will hand operations over to Swissport Zurich on 1 September 2017. All employees affected will be taken on by Swissport with equivalent employment conditions.

As part of its mail handling operations, Swiss Post processes the incoming and outgoing mail bags arriving in, departing from or transiting through Switzerland by air at Zurich and Geneva airports. Due to the high transit share, the mail handling business at Zurich Airport is not part of Swiss Post’s core business. The decline in letter volumes and lack of synergies pose additional challenges for Swiss Post at Zurich Airport. Swiss Post has therefore decided to transfer its operations to a local service provider. A key concern of Swiss Post in this process is to find a good solution for both employees and its local partners. With Swissport, the world’s largest provider of ground transportation services, Swiss Post has found a logistics specialist who already provides the mail transport service at the Zurich location and will take on the 40-strong team of Swiss Post staff employed there on 1 September 2017. All employees concerned will continue to be employed with equivalent employment conditions. To ensure that the process continues to run smoothly, work on the transfer will start in July.

Swiss Post mail handling

Swiss Post’s mail handling locations at Zurich and Geneva airports are the hubs for the processing and forwarding of import, export and transit mail bags. On behalf of the airlines and cargo companies, Swiss Post employees sort the incoming mail bags and prepare them for further processing. Swiss Post already works in close cooperation with Swissport: for export, import and transit traffic, the consignments are brought to and collected from the aircraft by Swissport. This makes Swissport the ideal partner for Swiss Post. On peak days, employees process a total of up to 158 tonnes of letters and parcels. Mail handling at Geneva Airport, with a total of around 18 employees, will continue to be operated by Swiss Post.

Swissport International Ltd

Swissport International Ltd serves around 835 customers in the aviation industry. The company provides ground handling services for more than 230 million passengers and handles 4.3 million tonnes of freight per year. With around 62,000 employees, Swissport operates at more than 280 locations in 48 countries on five continents, generating consolidated sales of EUR 2.7 billion.


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