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SwissID: standardised digital identity enters the market

SwissID is the name of the standardised digital identity for use across Switzerland which SwissSign AG – a joint venture between Post and SBB – is now offering to interested companies and authorities. It will make future online transactions not only easier to process but also more secure. With SwissID, SBB and Post are meeting a major need in a growing market, thus playing a key role in the digitalisation of Switzerland. Users retain exclusive sovereignty over their personal data.

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More and more people are using digital services. But if you have different login details for each online portal you use, not only do you have to register all over again with your personal details, you also have to manage an increasing number of usernames and passwords. This is time-consuming and can therefore cause problems if you frequently use the same passwords on different and often insecure websites. The need for a standardised, digital and secure login method that complies with data protection regulations is growing, both for providers and consumers and at both a private and state level.

Simple, secure and free for users

The joint venture between Swiss Post and SBB is now offering SwissID – the standardised digital identity for use across Switzerland – to interested companies and authorities, who will be able to design more secure and more efficient online portals thanks to the digital identity. Since SwissID meets various security requirements, the service will be suitable for e-government and electronic voting applications at a later date, among other things.

With SwissID, users can access a variety of online services via a single secure login instead of using a number of different usernames and passwords and thus exposing themselves to unnecessary security risks. It is free to use for private users.

With its easy-to-use navigation, SwissID aims to make everyday life in the digital world much easier and safer for both providers and users.

Data protection: the number one priority

Protecting customer data was and is the main focus of the SwissID development process. Users retain exclusive sovereignty over their personal data. Data protection regulations are fully observed.

SwissID drives digitalisation in Switzerland

A standardised identity is a central milestone for further digitalisation in Switzerland, bringing benefits for the economy, politics and society alike.

SwissID is to be phased in on SBB’s and Post’s respective online portals. The first Post portal customers will be able to log in with the new, standardised SwissID from autumn 2017, with SwissPass customers to follow in 2018. As such, more than four million customers will benefit from this service over the next two to three years.

SwissID: a new generation of digital identity

The experience and insights Post and SwissSign AG have gained over the past few years while working on SuisseID have been channelled into the development of SwissID. SwissID is a culmination of the latest digital identity technologies; it has a modular design and does not require any additional hardware, making it easy to use. Although the existing SuisseID service will still be available, it will be merged with SwissID in the medium term. SECO has also transferred the SuisseID trademark rights to SwissSign AG.

Post press contact: Jacqueline Bühlmann, 058 341 37 80,
SBB Media Relations: 051 220 41 11,

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Key statements made by the Board of Directors and CEO of SwissSign AG:

Peter Kummer, CIO SBB, President of the Board of Directors at SwissSign: "Together, SBB and Post are in a position to establish SwissID in Switzerland as a standardised digital identity. It is an important step for driving digitalisation forwards and for Switzerland as a centre for business."

Dieter Bambauer, Head of PostLogistics, Member of the Board of Directors at SwissSign: "With SwissID, we are offering a solution that is simple and secure and free for users. It’s a win-win situation for both users and providers."

Markus Naef, CEO of SwissSign: "SwissID lays the foundations for digitalisation in Switzerland. With SwissID, we’re creating a long-overdue service for the people, government and companies. With the backing of SBB and Post, we have enough momentum to get this service successfully off the ground."

Marcel Dobler, entrepreneur, Member of the Board of Directors at SwissSign: "Switzerland needs SwissID: the service simplifies access to the online world and paves the way for future services such as electronic voting."

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