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Swiss Post tests Post Home Button

Swiss Post is testing a new ordering process for its doorstep services: from now on around 1,000 households can order Swiss Post products and services quickly and easily using the Post Home Button. A simple click of the button is all it takes for them to be able to hand over parcels or letters on their doorstep to delivery staff the following day. The test phase will last until the end of August 2018 and is taking place in the regions of Olten, Liestal and Sissach. The main focus is to investigate the technology, implementation and customer needs.

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The Post Home Button is a small device that sends Swiss Post a signal via a wireless network at the push of a button. It is easy to use: one click is all it takes to request a Swiss Post service or place an order. It is possible to request predefined products and services, such as mail collection or A and B Mail stamps, using the Post Home Button and the relevant order cards.

Customer needs and various potential uses to be tested

The trial phase for the Post Home Button will take place between June and the end of August 2018 in the regions of Olten, Liestal and Sissach. Around 1,000 households are taking part in the test. As part of this trial, Migros Aare, Qualipet and Domino’s Pizza are also using the Post Home Button to test whether this technology can simplify the process for ordering their own products. Besides the button, Swiss Post is also assessing the acceptance of mobile-app-based ordering. Swiss Post hopes that this trial will help it gather insights into customer needs as well as into technical reliability and implementation. Once the test phase comes to an end in late August 2018 and the evaluation of the tests has been completed, Swiss Post will decide whether and in which form it will implement the Post Home Button.

New opportunity thanks to the Internet of things

With the Post Home Button Swiss Post is testing a new, innovative service based on the Low Power Network (LPN) which Swiss Post, Swisscom and SBB are building up across Switzerland (see press release from 22 March 2017). The LPN is a requirement for the implementation of the Internet of things. The networking of things presents Swiss Post with countless possibilities for new services. As well as the Post Home Button Swiss Post is also working on monitoring temperatures in parcel consignments using sensors, for example.

Swiss Post is managing the Post Home Button under the early Label, allowing it to test products and services at an early stage together with interested customers and to develop them in accordance with customer needs.

Swiss Post Media Unit, Jacqueline Bühlmann, 058 341 37 80,


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