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Swiss Post makes substantial improvements to working time system used by parcel carriers

Swiss Post has revised the “mytime” working time system in cooperation with the trade unions syndicom and transfair. Around 1,800 parcel carriers are set to benefit from the changes. As planned, our social partners conducted a situation assessment and developed improvements one year after “mytime” began operations. As a result, parcel carriers will receive retroactive salary payments totalling approximately 2 million Swiss francs for the period of operation from July 2018 to August 2019.

Swiss Post launched the “mytime” working time system on 1 July 2018. It is used by around 1,800 parcel carriers and was developed together with the trade unions. The “mytime” working time system”, created together with the trade unions and introduced on 1 July 2018, is largely based on the actual working hours of the parcel carriers. A year later, our social partners conducted a situation assessment, as planned. Employee feedback prompted Swiss Post to make improvements to “mytime” in partnership with the trade unions. Parcel carriers will receive retroactive salary payments totalling approximately 2 million francs for the system’s first year of operation.

Trade unions and Swiss Post satisfied

“Our employees are the key to our combined success,” says Roberto Cirillo, Swiss Post CEO. “I firmly believe that good working conditions are the basis for the excellent work our employees do day, in day out.” In Roberto Cirillo’s view, fair salaries, well regulated working hours and social security benefits at Swiss Post that exceed the national average throughout Switzerland are also the result of a social partnership that works.

The trade unions syndicom and transfair are equally satisfied about the positive outcome of the talks. “Flexibility must never come at the cost of the employees. The principle of paying employees for their actual working hours has allowed us to pinpoint a key concern of parcel carriers, and, together with Swiss Post, we have been able to make improvements to the “mytime” system,” says Matteo Antonini, Head of Logistics Sector with syndicom. Fritz Bütikofer, too, who manages staff association transfair’s social partnership with PostLogistics, is very pleased: “Our main requirements, transparency and fairness, are now met with the new system.”

Major improvements for employees

The results of an employee survey conducted by Swiss Post and trade union feedback during the system’s first year in operation revealed that there was a need for improvements to be made to the new “mytime” time recording system. Swiss Post responded to this feedback and, together with the trade unions syndicom and transfair, set about making improvements to the “mytime” working time system that would benefit the parcel carriers. Subject to internal ratification by the contractual partners, these modifications are set to come into force on 1 September 2019.

The new and improved “mytime” working time system will allow Swiss Post to plan out rotas in advance, ensuring it takes account of seasonal fluctuations in volumes. “mytime” can also be used to factor in elements such as road traffic more effectively, and to respond better to changes in workload.


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